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Expanding Your Local Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 1)

Expanding Your Local Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 1)

SEO can be tricky, but it is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy, especially as a local business in Houston. A lot goes into it, but our experts have rounded up a few of the most frequently asked questions in order to offer some insight.

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you drive traffic to your business’s website, organically.

88% of consumers that complete a local search on their phone will either visit

What Helps Your Houston Business Develop a Strong Brand

What Helps Your Houston Business Develop a Strong Brand

There are probably hundreds of millions of brands out there in the world, AT LEAST. In the United States alone, we know that we buy from more than one. When it comes to your computers, you may prefer Apple. When it comes to clothes, you may like inexpensive brands or high-end luxury brands, and the same may apply to the car you drive. Brands are everywhere, and it’s rather easy for us to decide the strong brands versus the weak brands. But what factors contribute to a great brand? How can

How Houston Businesses Can Optimize Their Website

How Houston Businesses Can Optimize Their Website

For just about any business, a great website may be the deciding factor between someone becoming a customer of your business or your competition. A great website, however, entails a lot more than it used to.

A Great Website Helps Your Houston SEO Ranking

This has more to do with quality than it does with color and design, although that also plays an important role. At INFINI Marketing in Houston, we design websites for our clients in order to build their brand, but also so they can be found

The Houston Business Owner's Guide to Success on Yelp (Part 1)

The Houston Business Owner's Guide to Success on Yelp (Part 1)

Yelp has taken the world by storm. Today, it is one of the primary ways people find new places in the city or in their own neighborhood. It’s a super tool that connects customers to business owners, which is why you must help Yelpers find your business. Here’s Part 1 of our simple step-by-step guide for being successful on Yelp.

Step 1: List and Claim Your Business

To add your business on Yelp, go to Yelp for Business Owners and sign up. Yelp will review and then notify you of your

How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Houston Business

How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Houston Business

Social media has changed marketing. What was meant to be for fun and serve as a way to communicate with our peers turned into a powerful business tool. As a result, companies have learned to take advantage of the many capabilities that social media offers. This has come to a point where social media is now a key player in a successful digital marketing strategy. Each social media platform serves a different purpose, and although some brands are present on all social networking sites, each

Why All Houston Businesses Should Have a Blog

Why All Houston Businesses Should Have a Blog

A blog is short for the term “weblog” and it’s typically a website on which information is shared with an audience. The content for a blog greatly depends on who writes it. For example, a personal blog may be written by someone who enjoys sharing information on his or her hobbies, so each post will be about a different pastime, or something interesting that relates to that. Nowadays, businesses often set up their blog right on their website as another page in order to provide knowledge that is

[VIDEO] What I Learned About Digital Marketing and SEO Through My Internship

Over winter break I searched for marketing agencies and discovered INFINI Marketing. After seeing their website I decided to ask if I could intern with them over the summer because I had a feeling that they could teach me a lot. I was quite intimidated when I first met Dustin and Mariana a week before my internship started because I’m still in college and I have almost no experience in marketing. When we discussed my projects for the summer it seemed like a lot for someone with no experience or

Check Out Our Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

There are countless ways to market your business, and those ways continue to grow as more and more companies utilize digital marketing to brand, advertise and promote their services and products. The most powerful method of marketing continues to be video marketing. At INFINI Marketing, we continue to create video marketing for our clients, which enables them to establish and push their brand. Here are some of the videos and commercials we have put together for our clients:


Video, Branding, and Residual Marketing

Video marketing has become an essential method to reaching customers. It has become the easiest and most efficient way to tell customers and potential customers about your product, service, or overall business. Creating high quality videos is a necessity, but if your branding isn’t there, then you lose out on what we call residual marketing.


Before we explain what residual marketing is, let’s focus on the importance of ensuring proper branding within video

Just Some Stats on Why You MUST Use Video Marketing

Unless you currently live under rocks or in a far off country on a very different planet than ours, which would be Earth, then you know very well that video plays a huge role in daily life. Think how many social media platforms focus primarily on video: SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram (pretty much). And has there ever been more TV shows and TV platforms than there are right now? It seems every outlet, regardless of size, is pushing video, shows and even full-fledged movies. And now we must look at

Increase Your Positive Online Reviews! Here’s How

Five star reviews are extremely valuable for your business (even four stars are very valuable). If you have recently started your Houston business, then you need to have a plan of action to accumulate these reviews, whether on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. If you have been in business for quite some time and are low on reviews or have been negligent about the importance of reviews, then we at INFINI Marketing highly recommend you start bringing those in quickly.


Can Yelp Really Help Your Houston Business?

There are countless free business listings and there are countless free social media platforms. Yelp happens to be a combination of the two. But what is it about Yelp that makes it stand out? More importantly, can Yelp really help your Houston business? Yelp started around 2004 and has had 135 million reviews left for businesses around the world. It’s a global phenomenon, for sure, which has forced Facebook and Google to get on board with their own reviews. Despite the media giants trying to