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Google Business Profile

A consistent online presence and reputation make up a solid foundation from which your business can take off. Creating, growing, and managing such a presence doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. With Google Business Profile, you can keep your focus on your company’s core products and services and let the quality of your work do the talking for you on the internet.

Introducing Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free maps and directory service that is only available to businesses that engage in physical contact with customers through a fixed physical address or by traveling to meet their clients in person. It is an easy-to-use tool for managing your business’s online presence on Google’s platforms and setting its trajectory across the internet.

Your Global Impact Starts Locally

Google Business Profile allows you to provide Google with details and photos of your business, including your address, services, products, and business hours. All of this information will be accessible to the public on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping, increasing your visibility across all of Google's services, and creating a solid foundation that your business can take off from.

Grow Your Grassroots Community Organically

Having a fully accomplished Google Business Profile boosts your local SEO and ignites your brand awareness. When people in your area search for products and services that are similar to yours, they can find your business first, showing searchers where they can find you and giving detailed directions for how to get there. It also lets you receive messages and reviews from your customers, generating organic leads, and reducing the need for additional spending.

Make Your Presence Felt

Using Google Business Reviews to communicate with your customers builds up trust and credibility online and in your local community. Post pictures of your business in action, update your audience about your latest promotions, and give replies to customer reviews. 

Google’s aggregated star rating and space for long, detailed reviews will establish your reputation and help steer future potential customers toward your business.

Your Brand is Our Business

INFINI Marketing provides troubleshooting and optimization services for your Google Business Profile. Our digital marketing specialists can assist you with any problems you encounter with the platform, including:


Google Business Profile Account Suspension


Wrong Business Location/Misplaced Google Maps Pin


Address Verification Assistance

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