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Welcome to part 2 of our mini-series on email marketing best practices! In part 1, we discussed the importance and relevance of using email marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy and introduced a number of basics that are helpful to know for a successful email strategy. In this blog, we will discuss some additional tips that, when paired with the basics, will really take your email marketing efforts to the next level and expand your business.

Why Our Houston Marketing Agency Recommends Email Marketing

One of the main reasons why email marketing remains a well-respected and effective tool for expanding your business is because it allows you to communicate directly with your customers in a way that social media can’t replicate due to tricky algorithms and each individual’s use of certain platforms. 

Trying to Grow Your Email List? Implement Double Opt-in

We understand the appeal of simply collecting email addresses, but the reality is that it’s best to utilize a double opt-in feature. This means that once someone provides their email address, there is a second step in which they need to confirm they would like their email address added to your mailing list. Doing this ensures your audience actually wants to hear from you, which boosts the effectiveness of your email strategy.

Email Design Impacts Your Email Marketing Strategy

You might not think too much of it, but how your email blasts are designed can really make or break this communication method. Think about it: if your design isn’t mobile-friendly, you might turn away those who want to hear from you. If the design is overwhelming, this will also cause subscribers to avert their eyes (and attention).

Here’s what constitutes an effective email campaign design according to our Houston marketing agency:

  • Responsive Design: 
    • It’s critical to design emails that look good on any screen size. A good email platform will let you see how emails look on different devices.
  • Clean Layout: 
    • Nobody likes a wall of text, and this goes for web design and emails. Use white space, short paragraphs, bullet points, and break content up into sections with visual elements.
  • Visual Elements: 
    • These include images and infographics to help with content clarity and reduce information overload. Just don’t use too many visuals or your email might not load quickly enough.

Essential Elements Your Email Marketing Campaigns MUST Include

While we will break down content strategies in a future post, this section covers some elements that you don’t want to skip. In fact, they should be part of your template.

  • Clear Calls to Action (CTA): 
    • Believe it or not, your audience won’t do what you want them to if you don’t tell them. To really harness the power of email in your digital marketing strategy, you need clear CTA buttons. These buttons tell your readers what you want them to do, take them to exactly where they need to go for the task, and even help with sectioning.
  • Footer:
    • Never underestimate the power of a footer. This is where quick links and company info should be found, such as contact information, your company’s address, and even your social media pages so your audience can continue to connect with you beyond emails.
  • Unsubscribe Button
    • Of course, you don’t want anyone from your email list to unsubscribe. While a sound email marketing strategy can reduce unsubscribers, it’s still important to have an unsubscribe link in the event that someone chooses to do so. This process should be easy, and you don’t want to create any more hurdles. Unsubscribe buttons or links can be placed in the footer in small print so as not to detract from your communication, while still being easy to spot.

Ready to Start Email Marketing? Let Our Houston Marketing Agency Help!

Email marketing is a valuable tool that entrepreneurs can and should harness. It’s the best way to connect with your most loyal customers and continuously grow your business as a result. If you’re ready to grow your email list so you can begin email marketing, please contact our Houston marketing company today. We look forward to taking your business to new heights so we can impact the world together!

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