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To some, email newsletters may seem old-school and, therefore, ineffective. Would you believe us if we told you that this couldn’t be further from the truth? In this article, our Houston digital marketing experts will break down the best practices you should follow to maximize on your email list.

Why Are Email Lists So Important?

In your journey to impact the world by expanding your business, email marketing is a valuable tool. It has a long standing history of effectively generating leads. In fact, email is 40X more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

Beyond generating leads, email marketing is the best way to speak directly to those who want to hear from you most..but this is only the case if you use your email list the right way. 

Follow Best Practices For Email Marketing

Our Houston digital marketing company has the following tips that will ensure your email list works instead of turning subscribers (and potential customers) away. With these tips, you are well on your way to expanding your business and impacting the world.

Avoid Buying Contact Lists

While buying a list may seem like a clever shortcut, we don’t recommend this. Not only does this violate other peoples’ privacy, but purchasing a list also means that you are spending valuable time and resources communicating with people who didn’t want to hear from you anyway. It’s best to let your intended contacts come to you and provide you with their information instead.

Incentivize Your Target Audience to Give You Their Email

Everyone loves a good freebie, making it the perfect way to entice your audience to give you their email address. A good incentive should meet the following criteria:

  • It should be free in exchange for just their name and email
  • It should be valuable
  • It should be unique to your business and its brand
  • It should be instantly accessible
  • It should be easily visible

Your incentive can be worked into your website design as a pop-up, a Google or Facebook ad, and even as a section on your branded homepage. What matters is that it’s visible and easy for your website visitors to input their information.

Write an Effective Subject Line and Preview Text

When executing any email marketing campaign, your subject line and preview text are critical. These should be catchy and offer just enough information to reel in your contacts so they don’t miss your emails. Be careful though…certain content in your subject line can potentially trigger your emails to go to spam, such as overusing emojis or utilizing words like “FREE!!” or “X% OFF”.

INFINI Marketing Can Implement a Successful Email Marketing Strategy For Your Houston Business

Emai marketing has various applications. With the right strategy and the right Houston marketing company on your side, you can build your email list and execute highly effective email campaigns to achieve your goals. Ready to take your business to the new heights? Contact us today. We look forward to expanding your business and impacting the world.

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