Houston business owner running a search for Google Ads and SEO experts in Houston

If you’re trying to implement a digital marketing strategy, then you might be wondering which tactics you should focus on. Among the many different tactics your strategy may employ are Google Ads and Houston SEO. Which of the two is your best bet for expanding your business? Here’s what our Houston marketing experts recommend.

Using Google Ads to Expand Your Busines

Google Ads is well-known for quickly growing businesses in any industry, so long as they are executed correctly. Our marketing agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we have the expertise you need to get your business in front of the right audience while remaining within your budget. We are also consistently up to date on Google’s ever-changing algorithm, ensuring it works for you not against you. 

How Google Ads Work

If you choose to implement Google Ads, we will research the most competitive keywords for your campaign. Once it’s set up, your ads will appear when potential customers type in the keywords that are relevant to your ad campaign, meaning they are already searching for a product/service just like yours. We will also attach analytics to your campaign so we can gather data on its performance and track the leads your ads generate. With this data, we will be able to continuously optimize your Google Ads to effectively grow your Houston business.

Houston SEO Can Also Help Grow Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. At INFINI Marketing in Houston, we optimize your website for search engines (like Google and Bing) by utilizing competitive keywords throughout your website that potential customers type into a search query. The goal with SEO is to get your website onto page 1, and the best way to achieve this is by blogging every month. INFINI’s in-house content writers expertly research and write blogs every month that target the best keywords for your Houston business. We ensure that your website is updated with fresh and unique content on a regular basis, signaling to search engines that your website offers valuable information and should get more traffic. Over time and as a result of high-quality content on a regular basis, your website will land on page 1! 

Google Ads Versus Houston SEO: Which One is Better For Growing Your Business?

While Google Ads is quicker and requires a bit more of an investment (our Houston digital marketing experts recommend a budget of at least $1,000 per campaign type), SEO is also a great way to expand your business and is, generally, a lower-cost option. So, which one is better? In reality, both are excellent ways to grow your business. We often recommend that your Houston digital marketing strategy includes both, but if you only want to pick one, it depends on your goals. If you want to quickly generate new leads, GoogleAds may be the best option. If you would prefer to take the time to build your credibility, then Houston SEO may be right for you.

Our Houston Marketing Company is Here to Assist in Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy That Grows Your Business

A fully customized digital marketing strategy is the best way to expand your business. If you’re ready to generate brand new, qualified leads but still aren't sure whether you should opt for Houston SEO or Google Ads, then please contact us! We will be glad to go into more detail about how Google Ads and SEO can grow your business and implement a custom digital marketing strategy for you.