graphic depicting what goes into online reputation management as part of your branding and marketing strategy

In the digital world we live in, your online reputation can make or break your company. When you’re so busy trying to earn revenue and grow your business, however, closely watching your online reputation and knowing where to look can become extra items on your to-do list that you may or may not get to. What if there was a solution that could help you monitor and manage your online reputation in the most efficient way possible? That’s where Birdeye comes in.

What is Birdeye? 

Birdeye is a multifaceted tool that can help expand your business by giving you valuable insights on different fronts that you can then leverage. As a Birdeye reseller, we utilize the platform for reputation management and local SEO–both of which garner brand recognition and authority.

How Birdeye Reputation Management Works

Birdeye for online reputation management serves as a way to help you maintain and even improve how others perceive you when they stumble across your company online. Signing up for Birdeye reputation management provides you with the following:

  • Impressive monitoring of your online reviews
  • Seamlessly collect reviews from happy customers
  • Streamlined management of your reputation across various platforms

Benefits of Signing Your Houston Business Up for Birdeye Reputation Management

Considering how important your reputation online and offline is, the right tool can make all the difference in the trajectory of your company. Some benefits of working with Birdeye through INFINI include:

  • Improved online reputation
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Increased brand credibility 
  • Improved brand image

INFINI Marketing in Houston is a Birdeye Reseller

All brands are businesses, but not all businesses are brands that people can get behind. We at INFINI Marketing have established ourselves as a fantastic digital marketing company serving Houston, Dallas, Austin, and other cities across Texas. Why? Because we implement brand-first marketing strategies for companies across all industries. Branding is everything to a business, which is why a reputation management tool is critical in order to uphold the best that your brand has to offer.

To that end, we are so excited to announce that we are officially a Birdeye reseller! Together, we can take your company and its brand to new heights you may not have imagined before. 

How to Sign Up for Birdeye Reputation Management

If you’d like to manage your company’s online reputation more efficiently on a singular reputation management platform, then Birdeye could be right for you. As a Birdeye reseller, we are able to offer a discounted price to get you started. Please contact us if you’re ready to earn reviews, skyrocket your brand, and showcase the very best of it. We look forward to working together and taking your business to INFINI and beyond!