Laptop displaying video as part of a Houston digital marketing strategy.

Visual cues play a significant role in consumer decision-making. Studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers make decisions based primarily on appearance, either of a product itself or the platform used to promote it. For this reason, among others, it’s important to include a variety of quality, attractive visuals in your digital marketing strategy. Don’t limit yourself to graphic design elements and photographs, however. If you really want to reach for the stars, adding video to your digital marketing strategy has a number of invaluable benefits. When implemented correctly, video can draw potential customers to your site, retain existing customers for repeat business, and launch your brand in a way that increases attention to your business as a whole, sending your company into orbit. Keep reading to see how incorporating video into your Houston marketing strategy can expand your business and impact the world.

Achieve Weightlessness with Houston Video Marketing 

Video marketing refers to the use of video as a way of attracting clients to your business. This can take many forms, from social media posts and YouTube content, to advertisements and  customer testimonials. The key to successfully implementing video into your Houston digital marketing strategy is to use high-quality, professional footage that is informative, persuasive, and entertaining. This is an opportunity to market your branding as well as your product or service, both of which attract new business while retaining existing clientele. 

Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Houston Digital Marketing Strategy

Post Videos to Social Media Platforms 

Video marketing posts have become a common tool on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook due to the simple fact that they are remarkably effective at increasing audience engagement. Video marketing posts on social media are a great way to build brand awareness and advertise your products and/or services in ways that traditional posts and photos cannot. 

Replace Stock Footage

Stock footage has long been the industry standard in adding relevant visuals to your website content, but consider the impact a custom video can offer instead. Customized videos provide more personable content that effectively establishes interest and trust by giving potential customers a chance to see your business in action. 

Build a Portfolio for Your Website and Social Media Platforms

Custom videos as a part of your Houston digital marketing strategy can also be used as a portfolio to showcase past projects. These videos can be posted to your website and social media platforms to attract new business and build brand awareness

Share Customer Testimonials

One of the most impactful ways video can be incorporated into your Houston digital marketing strategy is with customer testimonials. That’s why we offer video production services as one of our Houston marketing services. For only $2000, our professional videographer can organize, record, and edit four client testimonial videos and shoot them at the location of your choice, either all at once or, should your schedule require more flexibility, at different times that best meet your needs. 

Achieve Infinite Success with Our Houston Video Marketing Services 

At INFINI Marketing, we know a well-engineered Houston digital marketing strategy is necessary in order to launch your company’s success. Our customized Houston marketing packages are revered for a brand-first approach that delivers measurable results through continuous optimization and expert guidance. If you’re interested in expanding your business and impacting the world, call us today to see how we can help you achieve infinite success.