man running a search to find businesses near him with top Houston SEO rankings

If you want to expand your business and make a significant impact on your community, then SEO is one of the key components that must be incorporated into your Houston digital marketing strategy. While many think that SEO is outdated, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s as powerful as ever when done by SEO and marketing pros like us at INFINI Marketing. In this article, we will talk about how you can leverage SEO to get to page 1 on Google and other search engines.

Begin With Fresh Houston Web Design

Never underestimate the power of great Houston website design. Today, SEO algorithms factor in website design and navigation, especially as we are generally more dependent and active on our smartphones. Your website will earn some serious SEO points if you redo it to meet the following criteria:

  • Follow a mobile-first web design approach
  • Make sure your website loads quickly
  • Keep your website secure, especially if you are a medical or dental office that needs to be HIPAA compliant
  • Strategically use competitive keywords

Write Valuable Content That Caters to Humans, Not SEO Bots

The biggest mistake people make when trying to get to the top of search results is using Black Hat SEO tactics. One of the worst tactics is keyword stuffing on your products/services pages for the sake of communicating to the SEO bots, which “crawl” your website to store its information for later. Unfortunately, the algorithm can detect this and will penalize your website. Instead, you need to write for humans. Not too much information and not too little. Just enough so that it’s relevant to them and they understand what your website is all about.

Set Up a Blog Right on Your Website

One of the best ways to write valuable content is to blog on your website. It’s the perfect vehicle for creating fresh content that improves your online presence. 

Our Houston marketing team can build your blog and also write for it on a monthly basis. The more frequently, the better. What’s more, we focus on branded blogs. This means we won’t write generic, shortcut content. We will write articles that interest your target audience but also attach your brand to every article so they are truly unique to you. As we write more blogs, you will gain authority in your industry and search engine visibility. 

Our Houston Marketing Agency is Ready to Expand Your Business With High-Quality SEO

Though SEO is not a once-and-done deal and takes some time to kick in so that your website can “age”, the sooner you start...the better! SEO is one of the most effective and sustainable tactics that you should incorporate into your Houston digital marketing strategy if you want to expand your business. If you would like to get a spot on Google’s first page, and page 1 on other search engines, then please contact us. Our passion is expanding businesses and impacting the world, and we would love to team up to make an impact together!