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Can a Company Change Its Logo, But Keep Its Brand?

Is it possible for a company to change its logo, but keep its brand? The simple answer is yes. But that’s just the answer. The process behind that simple answer is very complex. As a Houston marketing company, we understand and foresee the issues that come with changing a business logo. Before making major changes to the item that represents your business, you need to take a bird’s eye view on your logo and the rest of your brand management aspects. There are several questions you need to ask

Is Your Marketing Budget EOY Ready?

Not trying to play Captain Obvious here, but there is about two months left in the year. This is not a calendar update. This is a marketing budget update alert. This is what everyone calls the holiday season (whether you celebrate the holidays or not). During the months of November and December, consumers increase their spending dramatically. With each passing year, the spending increases by the billions. Just take a look at the graph assembled by the National Retail Federation dating back to

If you build it, they will come...not really

It seems to be a pretty honest mistake. You put a lot of effort into starting your business: business loan, the building, computers, security system, and accessories. But just because you have built it, doesn’t mean customers or clients will show up. We call this "The Field of Dreams Effect" (clever, huh?).

Why Having Everything in Place Doesn’t Always Mean Everything

When business owners unfurl their banner revealing “We’re Open!”, it doesn’t always translate into the onslaught of customers

Can A Company Be Successful with an Ugly Logo?

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the level of importance behind logos. There are some who make too much of logos and those who don’t make enough about logos—both to their detriment. So if it does matter how the logo looks, are there any successful companies with ugly logos? More importantly, can your company be successful with an ugly logo? The short answer for both of these questions is yes. There are plenty of businesses that have had success with ugly logos. Here are just a couple

Are Company Logos Really That Important?

This is a question that is presented pretty often by entrepreneurs and marketing teams of new businesses. Here is the truth of the matter: Logos CAN be important. Here are two other truths when it comes to logos: 1.) Businesses make too much of a logo; 2.) Businesses don’t make enough about a logo.

Those seem like contradictions, but we guarantee you that they are not. Those latter two statements are what the initial statement is all about: logos CAN be important.


We Are Proud of Houston in the Face of Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey was off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico, nobody thought the devastation would reach the pinnacle it reached. It is considered the worst natural disaster in Houston’s history, and our city has run into its fair share. It is difficult to fathom the ultimacy of this disaster; but as Houstonians and Texans have always done, we pulled together. Sometimes pulling each other through the worst of it, even at the risk of their own lives.   

We have been able to witness

What All Goes Into Branding?

Too many business owners and marketers think that all that goes into branding is money. Few things could be further from the truth. What makes branding work is everything. The simplest way to put is this: your branding is everything you do and everything you do is branding. Here is a list of items that go into successfully branding a business:

  • The Product
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction Level
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Logo and Slogan
  • Marketing

Did you

Super Saiyan Kid and Failed Marketing Dreams

Have you ever spent too much time on YouTube to the point where you fall into the deep rabbit hole that is the dark side of YouTube? Most of us have. There are more than 1.3 billion videos on YouTube right now, so it’s easy to get a little lost. One of those videos you may have run across is Jaylen wanting to become a Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan. Oddly enough, Jaylen can teach us a lot about marketing and how when we try to do things all on our own, well, we end up looking like we have no idea

Tom Hanks and His Shining Example of Brand Expansion

We’re going to talk about brand expansion, which we like to call The Tom Hanks Effect. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors. For a moment, we’re going to go over how his career that started successfully in comedy and turned even more successfully toward more serious roles, parallels how brands can expand. If you grew up in the 80s, then you witnessed the golden years of Hanks’ comedy. The Burbs, Splash, The Man With One Red Shoe, Turner and Hooch, and, of course, Big. All in the 1980s. And

The Utter Necessity of Color in Logo Designs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think of your favorite brand. Got it? Swell. What are the colors in its logo? Easy, huh? Now we’re going to toss some common brands out there. Take note of how you visualize their logos. Ready? Starbucks. Target. WalMart. Exxon Mobil. McDonald’s. Coca-Cola. You obviously pictured the design of the logo, like the lettering, the Arches, and the mermaid. But you also saw the coloring of those logos and letterings. Let’s do a little mental color association with those logos. Red. Blue. White

Marketing As a One Man Wolf Pack

Remember that epic speech Zach Galifianakis's character, Alan, gave on top of the roof of Caesar’s Palace in the movie “The Hangover”? It is a hilarious combination of a strange character trying to fit in with his three new friends while attempting to establish an unbreakable (and bloody) bond for all four. We crack up every time we see it, but we also realize that this silliness has some interesting foundational elements to marketing.


Before Alan started his