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Logo Design

Your logo serves as your brand’s emblem–its symbol of representation. When customers see your logo, they know immediately it’s you. A great logo is simple and showcases your brand persona.


When you hire our Houston marketing agency for logo design, we will give you a logo that:


Makes You More Identifiable

A logo’s primary purpose is to make your business more identifiable. It’s a unique emblem that symbolizes your company, giving your current and potential customers something tangible to associate you with. Making your business more memorable with a logo is a key factor for expansion.

Demonstrates Your Company's Growth

Our Houston marketing agency looks at the bigger picture, understanding that your business will evolve over time as your market grows. We want to capture your brand’s expansion to give your loyal customers a sense of pride for their support while appealing to new, potential customers.


Shows a Reflection of Your Brand

INFINI Marketing will take the unique aspects of your brand and conceptualize them into a clear, vibrant, and beautiful logo. Our job is to turn your brand’s story into an emblem that immediately lets your target audience know who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Step 1

Crafting Your Brand

To get to know your brand in depth, we will send you a logo questionnaire. This questionnaire gives us as much information about you as possible, which will influence the direction of the logo design.

Step 2

Solidifying Your Brand

Once you’ve completed and sent us the questionnaire, our Houston marketing team will get in touch with you to further discuss your needs and preferences.

Step 3

Designing Your Logo

Our Houston logo design team will begin working their magic to create your stunning emblem. After which, we’ll present you with different design options to choose from.

Step 4


Once you’ve chosen a logo, we offer additional rounds of revisions to fine tune any details needed. Furthermore, we will also provide logo variations designed for multiple design formats (i.e. colored, black and white, vertical, and horizontal logos, favicons). 

We are committed to your satisfaction, and we want you to have a logo you can be proud of.

Hover over the logos To See the Colored Variations:

Step 5


A brandbook is a comprehensive guide that describes your brand’s identity, story, and messaging. It’s also a document that presents your brand’s look, including your logo, color scheme, fonts, typefaces, and images. INFINI Marketing will present you with a brandbook to ensure consistency throughout all the phases of our proprietary marketing system.

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INFINI Marketing is a Houston-based marketing company committed to creating customized marketing strategies for businesses in any industry. Each of our personalized marketing strategies emphasize a brand-first approach to expanding businesses, are continuously optimized, and show undeniable results. Let’s impact the world together, one business at a time! If you’re ready to set your trajectory, please contact us. We would love to join your journey.