Spacecraft in orbit, representing Phase III: Orbit of our Houston marketing services

We’ve embarked on an exciting journey to redesign our website and branding in order to help your business achieve new heights. We understand that marketing strategies can be overwhelming, leaving you to wonder what your business needs to grow and when to implement the right tactics, which is why we’ve broken our services down into four phases:

  • Ignite
  • Engage
  • Orbit
  • Interstellar

Each phase of your marketing strategy is designed to promote your business from its earliest stages to its established presence, effectively bringing in new clients, retaining existing ones, and employing marketing techniques at a pace that is both successful and manageable. Today, we’re going to focus on Phase III of our Houston marketing strategy: Orbit. 

Houston Digital Marketing Phase III of IV: Orbit 

Houston Brand Loyalty

Phases I and II of our Houston marketing services are focused on launching your online presence and Houston branding, as well as revving up your leads and entering the atmosphere. These important foundations will send your business into orbit, which is where we’ll build Houston brand loyalty and achieve weightlessness. 

Personalized Customer Marketing

Did you know 65% of a business’s revenue comes from existing customers? So why do so many companies only focus their Houston marketing strategies on attaining new clients? While reaching new clients is important, it should not be the sole focus of your reach. Instead, we guide you to nurture existing relationships by using Houston marketing strategies that work! Here’s what you can expect from Phase III of our Houston marketing package:

Graphic Design

The right imagery not only sets the tone of your business, but also your trajectory for success. Our graphic design services help boost your company's brand image and make it more recognizable.

Branded Content Writing

Your brand is an integral part of your business's identity, so we infuse that messaging in every component of your marketing strategy, giving you personalized content that is unique to your company.

Photography and Video

High-quality photos and videos captured by professionals have endless marketing applications and portray your business as polished and accomplished.

Social Media Management

It's impossible to ignore the reach of social media, as its impact on your business is profoud. With effective social media management, you're able to reach more clients with content that's designed, scheduled, and posted strategically.

Houston SEO

We employ SEO-driven content that delivers results and gets you to page 1 on Google, thereby improving your company's visibility to potential customers.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter helps connect with your audience, build customer loyalty built on authentic connections, and generate leads.


We regularly compose and post blogs on your behalf over a wide range of topics relevant to your customers, improving not only your SEO ranking, but also your business's credibility.  

Each of these elements plays an important role in cultivating lifelong loyalty from existing clients while also strengthening your brand. Over the years, we have curated these different Houston marketing strategies in order to reach a wider audience while also reinforcing the relationships you’ve already built, both of which are necessary in order to remain effective. 

Achieve Weightlessness with Our Houston Marketing Services

Ready to implement an effective digital marketing strategy that will blast your business into orbit? Look no further than the expert Houston marketing team at INFINI. We are committed to creating customized Houston marketing strategies that yield the results you need to expand your business and impact the world. Contact us today to discuss your Houston branding and marketing needs and see how we can help you achieve weightlessness.