Woman conducting a google search for a local business near her to test local seo

We have previously discussed SEO strategy as part of a winning Houston marketing strategy, but aside from general SEO, there is also local Houston SEO. In this post, we will discuss what local SEO is and how it can help expand your Houston business.

What Is Local Houston SEO

In short, Local SEO is the practice and the process of boosting your Houston business’s (and its website) search engine visibility in your local geographic market. If you are a local business then you need local SEO.

How Houston Business Greatly Benefit From Local SEO

While we certainly encourage our clients to rank for traditional SEO, we also encourage them to think about local SEO, as this is a more targeted approach to increasing leads. Here are a couple of ways in which your business can benefit from a local Houston SEO strategy.

Traditional SEO Versus Local SEO

Both types of SEO will rely on a great website design that is set up for SEO success.

Traditional SEO is all about improving your Houston business’s visibility on a grand scale–typically on a national level and sometimes on a global level. Local Houston SEO, on the other hand, is all about improving visibility in your local geographic area. By focusing on local SEO, you are reaching the very customers who can walk through your doors on any given day. The potential customers who see your business in their Google search results tend to have far greater buyer intent, as they are specifically looking for a business like yours that is nearby. 

If this sounds challenging, then you will be relieved to know that it is far easier to optimize locally, but this isn’t to say that there is little-to-no strategy involved. In fact, even though it's easier to rank locally than it is to rank nationwide, you still have to work hard to set your Houston business apart from all of the other Houston businesses you compete against–you are simply competing on a smaller scale.

Google And Local SEO

Google helps introduce your target audience to your business. For example, when someone types “roof repair”, “pediatric dentist”, or “website designer” in a Google search, Google will take that as a signal that the individual is looking for someone nearby that they can speak with. Google will then present results of specific yet relevant places “near me” (i.e., the searcher). The only way to be recommended by Google in this way is to successfully rank for local SEO.

Want To Improve Your Local SEO Ranking? Let Our Google Partner Marketing Agency Help!

Now that you understand the importance of local SEO, please contact us if you determine it’s time to develop and implement a custom local Houston SEO strategy. We will gladly discuss your business goals and help get you to the top of Google search results.