targeted and non-targeted display ads for Houston business

Advertising can effectively boost your Houston digital marketing strategy and expand your business. There are two kinds of display ads that our marketing agency can incorporate into your marketing strategy: targeted advertisements and non-targeted advertisements, both of which can do wonders for your business. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of advertisement and help you determine which will best aid in achieving your business goals.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertisements enable you to target display ads to your intended audience based on their demographics (such as race, age, and income), as well as psychographics, which include attributes such as interests and hobbies. These ads can be shown across different platforms, including social media, mobile applications, and search engines, particularly with Google Ads marketing.

Targeted advertisements yield higher conversion rates because the buyer is already interested in a product or service like yours. On the downside, this type of ad tends to require a greater investment than non-targeted advertisements, but the investment yields a better return.

Non-Targeted Advertising

Similar to targeted advertisements, non-targeted ads enable you to show your Houston business’s display ad across any platform with advertising space, including television and radio, but you do not get to set specific criteria that describe your ideal buyer.

On the plus side, because these ads don’t target your ideal buyer, they are inexpensive compared to targeted ads. However, you may get fewer conversions because not everyone who sees the ad will be interested in buying your product/service.

Which Type Of Advertisement Is Best For Your Business?

Our Houston marketing agency advocates for implementing a targeted advertising campaign because, even though it does require investing more money than some business owners would like, the return is unbeatable and we can even guarantee leads and track them with our proprietary LIT System, which helps you improve your conversion rate. Eventually, the ad campaign will pay for itself!

Although budget-friendly, non-targeted advertising might reach some interested buyers, you are likely to reach more uninterested buyers, which wastes the money you could have otherwise put to more effective, sustainable, and scalable targeted ads.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Can Implement An Effective Advertising Campaign For Your Business

Whatever goals you are trying to achieve with an ad campaign, such as phone calls, website visits, or purchases, our Google Partner Houston marketing agency is here to help you execute an effective ad campaign that helps you achieve your business goals with Google or Facebook Ads. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, please contact us so we can understand your needs and expand your business, together.