Happy customer remaining loyal to Houston business thanks to a thoughtful customer marketing strategy

Customer marketing is a simple concept. It is much like a typical marketing strategy, but more. Now, don’t get us wrong–one isn’t better than the other. Both marketing strategies are fantastic and must be considered, but the best Houston marketing strategy is one that combines traditional marketing and digital marketing with customer marketing. This post will serve as an introduction to customer marketing by explaining what it is and why you as a Houston business owner should take advantage of it.

What Is Customer Marketing?

Customer marketing is essentially a Houston marketing strategy focused on retaining existing customers, as opposed to a traditional marketing strategy that is centered on generating new leads and converting them into customers. The line between a traditional marketing strategy and a customer marketing strategy can be blurred at times, but being fully aware of this distinction is the first step in implementing a winning strategy that sets you apart from the competition and expands your Houston business.

3 Reasons Your Houston Business Should Implement A Customer Marketing Strategy

1. Customer Retention Doesn’t Cost As Much As Customer Acquisition

According to Huify, it will cost you 5X more to acquire a new customer than it will cost you to retain a current customer. Further, customer marketing is a great way to focus on customer retention because if you increase retention by 5%, you can increase your company’s profits by 25-95%. 

2. Existing Customers Are The Gateway To New Customers

When you use your customer marketing strategy to remind your customers that you care about your relationship with them, then they will easily become raving fans. Fans post about you on social media and post their reviews about you. We recommend honing in on those reviews because 82% of consumers read them before checking a business out for the first time. With all the positive feedback, it’s easy for new customers to come to you!

3. Nurtured Customers Can Become Your Best Marketers

Although customers can’t do all of your marketing, they can certainly contribute to it with little to no cost. In addition to reviews and social media posts that speak highly of your brand, these occurrences also contribute to your local SEO ranking. As stated in our article about SEO Basics and FAQ, 97% of people learn about new businesses online more than they do anywhere else. 

Our Houston Marketing Agency Will Help Develop And Implement An Effective Customer Marketing Strategy That Will Expand Your Business

Customer marketing is a more affordable way to expand your business and it can be very rewarding! If you would like to incorporate customer marketing into your Houston marketing strategy, then please contact us so we can develop a customized strategy for your business, implement it, and offer guidance along the way. We look forward to helping you expand your business!