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As the economy gradually re-opens and some businesses resume their operations, other businesses are attempting to reduce their expenses. Often, the marketing budget is the first to get cut. This may seem like a good solution in the short-term, but this can actually have devastating effects on the success and expansion of your business. You should try your best to continue with even some of your Houston marketing efforts during COVID-19, so here are two low-cost methods to expand your business.

Why Marketing Is Crucial At A Time Like This

Marketing is often seen as an unnecessary expense, but it's one of the most important components of business growth for the following reasons:

  • Marketing is how companies communicate directly with their customers and future prospects
  • Businesses must use marketing to successfully cater to their customers’ needs
  • Marketing generates and identifies leads

Remember, a fantastic marketing and branding strategy is what turns leads into lifelong customers, helping your business stand out against the competition.

Low-Cost Ways to Expand Your Business

Although there are multiple ways to expand your business, such as through brand new Houston web design or Houston SEO, today we'll discuss the low-cost benefits of Google Ads and Social Media.

Google Ads

Google Ads marketing is an effective way to reach new customers because the ads your target audience sees in a Google search are only shown if they’re looking for that particular product/service at that moment. This is completely different from a force-fed TV commercial.

Google will decide which advertisements are shown based on a variety of factors, such as your max budget and ad quality. Now, think about this: many businesses shrunk their budgets and stopped advertising, which consequently lowered the average CPC. This means that our certified Google Partner marketing agency can help your Houston business snag a great position on Google ads at a lower bid. 

Social Media

There are a lot of businesses out there that don’t have a strong social media presence. To improve this, determine what platform you should focus on based on your Houston branding, marketing, and growth goals.

Many people are staying at home until further notice, which means your target audience is as well. Now is the perfect time to revisit your social media marketing strategy and develop one that will increase engagement, followers, and generate even more leads. Contrary to popular belief, social media posts don’t have to be worth thousands of dollars to make an impact.

Let INFINI Marketing Help You Expand Your Business During These Trying Times

We have successfully helped multiple clients expand their business in a time when it seems impossible (including Advanced Fences) and we can’t wait to help even more businesses achieve goals that were once mere dreams. If you would like to take your business to new stratospheres, then please contact us so we can begin assessing your needs and goals and help develop a Houston marketing strategy custom-tailored to your business.