Houston marketing agency in-house graphic designer designing a new logo

Your company’s logo is important, but we wouldn’t say it’s the most important part of your Houston business. However, we also don’t believe you should pay little mind to it. Picking your logo is certainly important, but it can be hard to understand how much thought must be put into it, so this post should help!

Three Reasons Why Your Logo Is Important And Should Be Well Thought-Out

These reasons are precisely why companies shouldn’t brush their logo under the rug.

1. Your Logo Symbolises Your Company

Your logo is the symbol of your business. When people see it, they should immediately think of your company. It helps make you memorable.

2. A Logo Serves As A Representation Of Your Business

Houston business owners should want their business to be represented in the best way possible. You may consider Houston web design or your social media marketing strategy as ways to ensure positive company representation, but the graphic design process for your logo is yet another way to paint a positive picture of your brand for your existing customers and future customers.

3. Your Logo Is one of the many building blocks of your company

Your logo, as well as the rest of your brand guidelines, sets the tone for your company as you continue to grow. 

Our Houston Graphic Designer's Logo Design Tips

Avoid Over-Thinking Your Logo

What exactly does over-thinking look like? Usually, when your company overthinks your logo, graphic design takes ages because nothing is “perfect” yet. We understand business owners wanting their logo to be perfect; after all, it will appear on your uniforms, vehicles (if required), business cards, website, social media, etc, but in all honesty, your logo is unlikely to achieve true perfection–and that's okay!

Don’t Dismiss The Importance Of Your Logo

While some companies overanalyze their logo design, others may be rather dismissive of it. Some logos try to say way too much with excessive colors, letters, or figures and others may not say enough by utilizing random color combinations that have no meaning.

Pay Just Enough Attention To Your Logo To Make It Relevant

Between not caring enough and caring too much, it can be difficult to finalize your logo, but the reality is that your logo doesn’t have to be perfect. From a Houston graphic design perspective, our Houston marketing agency recommends you simply decide on the basic elements of your logo, such as color scheme, font, etc. Over time, we can help you manipulate and stylize these elements to update your logo and demonstrate your growth, much like how Starbucks, Mailchimp, Balmain Paris, and other brands have done so. If you're in need of a logo that stands out, then please contact us so we can design your logo in a way that is professional, beautiful, and can be updated over time.