Google Ads dashboard view Houston business marketing strategy

Google has redefined how entrepreneurs market their businesses. Today, it has become essential to advertise on Google if you want to expand your Houston business. In this marketing blog, our Houston marketing agency will discuss 3 advantages of advertising your Houston business on Google.

1) Your Houston Small Business Will Reach Active Buyers

In marketing, we identify two types of buyers: non-active buyers and active buyers. A non-active buyer is someone who is unaware of your product, and often because they are unaware they even need your product.

An active buyer, on the other hand, is someone who is already aware of your type of product and they have a need for it as well, so they are in the process of searching for it on Google and comparing different brands and offerings. By advertising on Google, you can ensure that buyers who actually need your product know that you offer it and seriously consider buying from you. 

2) Google Ads Are Highly Targeted

Most digital advertising is targeted in that when you begin a campaign, you are able to decide who sees your ads. You can target viewers based on demographics (age, gender, zip code) and psychographics (interests, hobbies). However, Google takes it a step further by allowing business owners to target viewers based on their unique search behavior. Google achieves this by utilizing your audience’s search history and web browsing behavior in order to identify whether they qualify as an active buyer. If they are, Google will make sure they see your Google Ads. 

3) Google Offers Re-Targeted Marketing

Often, an active buyer may stumble upon your website because they saw an ad, but they do not complete the necessary action that makes them a lead–such as filling out a booking form or providing their email address–and exit your website beforehand.

Perhaps your Houston web design just wasn’t effective (which is often the case) or your potential lead had to go run an errand and then forgot to return to your website afterward.

Until your leads convert into customers, it is extremely easy to forget your business even exists, unless you opt for re-targeting. By utilizing data that we all make available to Google, you can use Google as a way to retarget those visitors. These special re-targeted ads drive visitors back to your website with an irresistible incentive.

Ready To Execute A Successful Google Ads Campaign? Our Houston Marketing Agency Will Gladly Do It For You!

As effective as Google is, there are some challenges with kicking off an effective campaign, so our marketing company, which is a certified Google Partner, will gladly discuss your advertising goals with you and ensure you get an effective campaign out of Google Ads. If you would like to expand your Houston business with Google Ads, then please contact us. We would be happy to help expand your business!