Houston website design team planning custom web design project

Houston website design is critical in a successful marketing strategy, and web design is not exclusive to a solely digital marketing strategy. When it comes to any marketing strategy, your website needs to serve as the anchor that makes it easy for leads to convert, so in this blog, we will discuss 3 website design mistakes many business owners make, which could be hindering their success.

1) Your Website Design Is Not Mobile Friendly

Today, about 70% of web traffic takes place right on our mobile phones, so if you want your business to succeed and grow, then it is absolutely crucial that your website is designed to look and function well on mobile devices. If you don’t follow a mobile-friendly web design, then you are essentially letting your competition have the potential customers that would otherwise belong to your brand. 

At INFINI Marketing, we follow a mobile-first approach to web design, which means we design your company's website with mobile browsing in mind. Once the mobile version is to our standards, we will then proceed with designing the desktop and tablet versions of your website. A mobile-first approach lends itself to ease of navigation on all screen sizes.

2) Your Houston Web Design Has Too Much Or Too Little Going On

Some websites are simply cluttered. They have text and images everywhere in a very disorganized manner and don’t have enough white space. Other websites are the opposite and, instead, have too much white space and not enough valuable information. 

By entrusting your Houston website design to our marketing agency, we will follow a very methodical approach in your website design that begins with a central brand message that is expressed across the rest of your site. We also design it in a way that caters to both types of communicators: those who prefer to skim and get the big idea at once, and those who like to know the details at once. 

3) Your Website Has No Clear CTA

The ultimate goal of your website is to generate leads and increase conversions on your behalf. In order to do this, you need a proper call to action (CTA). Often, the reason you aren’t generating leads is that you don’t ask them to do anything. Your audience needs to be told what to do through your CTA, such as “Book an appointment” or “Get a free quote” which takes them to a form fill that saves their information. By saving their information, you can tailor your marketing strategy to your audience at whatever phase of the purchasing funnel they are in.

Make Your Houston Web Design More Effective With INFINI Marketing

Do you find that your website exhibits any of these mistakes? If you would like to improve your Houston website design, please contact our marketing experts so we can discuss your goals and develop a custom website design strategy.