Marketer creating content and reading analytics to improve content marketing strategy

Content is king, and that applies to website content, email marketing content, and social media content. Social media was once meant as a way to interact with friends, but over time it became a highly valuable business tool. It can be hard to nail content, and it does take some trial and error, but social media analytics are a huge help. Here are just some of our tips on how to begin using your analytics so you can boost your Houston social media marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Create a Starter Analytics Report

To begin, choose the analytics you wish to focus on. Which analytics you choose will depend on what your business wants to achieve, but some common ones are new followers, impressions, and engagement. You may also consider the CTR from a post to a linked blog you wrote to boost local SEO since generating more traffic to your Houston website also helps improve your local Houston SEO ranking.

It's up to you how far back you wish to go in your social media metrics when generating your report, but 1-3 months is usually a good starting point. 

Tip 2: Interpreting The Data

Now that you have the analytics report on your current social media marketing strategy, it's time to actually interpret the data. Interpreting the data is what really matters, as this is how you draw conclusions on your performance. Analytics provide graphs that visually represent the numbers, so look for spikes or downward slopes and determine what content caused them. Although numbers are objective, getting the most out of your social media analytics will also require some subjective thinking. See which posts performed better than others and try to understand why that was the case. 

Tip 3: Set Goals

All the data collection in the world won't mean a thing if you aren't using it to meet your goals. After all, setting and achieving goals contribute to how a Houston business expands. 

Start by determining the foundation of your goals by using a calculator to figure out how each individual metric performs on average (monthly, quarterly, etc). This will be your point of reference. Next, set reasonable/realistic benchmarks based on this number and strive to meet or surpass this over a set timeline.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Will Help You Interpret Your Analytics And Devise A Custom Action Plan to Expand Your Business

Analytics may seem daunting, but our marketing experts will help you interpret and understand what the data is trying to tell you so we can continuously optimize your social media marketing strategy. Please contact us if you're ready to elevate your content marketing strategy and expand your business.