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Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is essentially the practice and the process of ranking on search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is the basic definition, but SEO has plenty of other facets to it that make it such an ever-present necessity in your Houston marketing strategy. Although Houston SEO can be complex, knowing the basics is a great way to start expanding your business.

What Is Houston SEO And Why Do Businesses Need It?

Going further in detail from the initial definition we provided, SEO is how businesses drive traffic to their website, organically. Organic traffic refers to unpaid traffic, which means your ideal customer is successfully finding you through Google just by typing in the keywords you rank for...for free! Our Houston marketing agency is adamant about helping our clients rank well so that they can get more customers without having to pay for them to show up.

Isn’t SEO Outdated?

Many consider SEO a dead tactic in the world of marketing, but this is simply untrue. Yes, SEO did drop in popularity, but it’s actually changing each and every day. This is partially due to the fact that Google, as the leading search engine, regularly adjusts its algorithm to ensure only high-quality websites that feature high-quality content and optimized Houston web design rank well. Google constantly changing its algorithm is its way of weeding out the bad websites from the good ones, which is why it’s crucial for business owners to constantly be in-the-loop, pay attention to the competitive landscape, and constantly update, modernize, and improve their business.

How Can I Kickstart My Google Rank?

Here are just a couple of things you can do to boost your Houston SEO ranking.

Start With Houston Website Design

To kickstart your new and improved Houston SEO strategy, we recommend first looking at your Houston website. Is your website design modern? Is it easy to navigate? If not, some changes need to be made, so think about investing in much-needed Houston website design updates, as Google also takes the user experience into account when ranking websites.

Evaluate Your Metadata 

How about your metadata? Is it properly optimized for the bots that “crawl” your website? Although it’s recommended that your SEO strategy caters to humans (not bots), metadata is one component of Houston SEO that should be catered to bots so that they get a better understanding of what your website is all about.

Seek Expertise From A Houston Marketing Agency Like INFINI Marketing

These are just the basics of SEO, but they are a surefire way to give your business a boost in its Houston SEO strategy. If you would like to improve your SEO ranking and be found on Google in a timely manner, then please contact us. As a Google Partner marketing agency in Houston, we’ll make sure your website and your business are set up for success.