Houston dentist treating a patient who came in after a dental marketing campaign

Our Houston marketing agency has worked with several Houston dentists, which you can see in our marketing client portfolio. We have successfully expanded each of their practices with custom-tailored marketing strategies. If you’re a dentist who wants to bring in new patients and/or open another practice, here are some of our top Houston dental marketing tips.

Establish A Brand Beyond Your Own Name

Although you as the dentist are the face of the practice, it’s important to create a brand that surrounds you and your practice. You may wonder, isn’t your name and/or your practice’s name the brand? It’s actually only part of your brand. A true brand has a story that customers (or, in your case, patients) resonate with. A true brand is something intangible, but something that is deeply felt. Sure, word-of-mouth may be your go-to strategy for getting more patients, but investing in professional dental marketing will take your practice (and your brand) to all-new heights. With a proper dental marketing strategy, you will see how quickly new patients find you without having to rely solely on word-of-mouth. This makes your practice and your brand sustainable and scalable.

Look Into High-Quality Houston Website Design

A website is crucial because the success of your dental marketing strategy is reliant on the success of your website. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media, and reviews all lead back to your website. If your web design isn’t optimized for all devices and screen sizes nor for conversions, these dental marketing tactics won’t be as impactful or effective. To determine whether your website is properly optimized, we may begin with a Houston website audit in which we analyze your overall website performance. Our Houston marketing agency has a designated web design team that can create a beautiful, custom dental website that reflects your brand and is conversion-optimized so your practice can grow.

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Read And Interpret Analytics

The best way to determine whether your Houston dental practice is really growing is by installing an analytics tracking system. Our proprietary Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System lets dentists know where exactly their patients are coming from and how they learned about you. This way, your dental marketing strategy can be optimized to generate leads and convert them at the right time, helping you grow at a continuous rate.

Market Your Dental Practice With A Houston Marketing Agency

At INFINI Marketing, your business is our universe and we want to expand our business right alongside you and your business. If you believe it’s time to expand your dental practice to bring in new patients more often and/or to open another location, then please contact our marketing strategists. We look forward to meeting with you, discussing your goals, and helping you achieve them.