Passive buyer advertising vs active buyer advertising at a mall

Advertising is a highly valuable component of your Houston business marketing strategy. As a Google Partner marketing agency, we have extensive knowledge and experience advertising different businesses on Google, and a lot goes into executing a successful Google Ads campaign. In this marketing blog, we will discuss one facet of Google Ads marketing: targeting active buyers instead of passive buyers.

The Difference Between An Active Buyer And A Passive Buyer

Before we get into the strategy behind targeting active buyers, it’s important to define them.

An active buyer is someone who is already aware that certain products or services are available. They are also educated on their value and are aware they have a current need for said product or service.

A passive buyer, on the other hand, is typically unaware that a product or service is available and they are certainly unaware that they could find value in said product or service. 

Your Houston Business Google Ads Campaign Should Target Active Buyers

Although you can technically target passive buyers–and we have seen small businesses do this–we always recommend that our clients, instead, target active buyers. In doing so, business owners will see a much better ROI and generate more leads.

Television commercials and magazine ads, for example, tend to target passive buyers. Although advertisers may have a vague idea of who might be viewing the medium they advertise on, there is just no way to know for sure that viewers are actually active buyers. Even if they were, chances are they will just block out your ad because they see hundreds of ads a day. By following this antiquated approach, you’ll spend more money and see little ROI. Google Ads, by contrast, are designed to target active buyers.

How Does Google Ads Target Active Buyers?

Google Ads is unique in that you can set your own parameters based on the buyer persona you come up with that you know is highly likely to purchase your product/service. Most evidently, one of these GoogleAds parameters is search behavior. By targeting buyers based on their search behavior, you can make sure those buyers who have searched for a product or service like yours actually see your ad. When they do, they become more likely to learn about you and, if you have a winning marketing strategy, they will convert into loyal customers.

By getting your ad in front of the right audience, you are able to generate high-quality leads that are more likely to convert.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Is Here To Expand Your Business With GoogleAds

As a Google Partner marketing agency based in Houston, we have extensive ad experience with companies in several industries. When you are ready to advertise your business to potential customers who intend to purchase, then please contact us so we can launch an effective GoogleAds campaign for you and track its performance.