red chess piece standing out from black chess pieces to symbolize standing out from your houston business competition

Houston’s a major city, and with major cities comes tight competition between businesses, making it increasingly difficult to stand out. How then, do you make sure you stand out? Is it even possible to? Possible, yes; but it does take a lot of creative thinking. Luckily, though, our team of Houston marketing strategists thrives on our creative thinking. Here’s how you can make your brand stand out against your competitors.

Stand Out With Your Pricing

Pricing, which seems like the easiest way to differentiate yourself, may be considered a double-edged sword. On one hand, making your brand affordable makes your company accessible to more, but you may come across as cheap and hurt your margins, revenue, and profit. 

On the other hand, you may choose to price your product/service as a luxury or high-end item, but you risk being seen as unaffordable for the consumer you are actually hoping to turn into a loyal customer. If you choose to differentiate yourself based on pricing, think long and hard about it, as other factors such as quality, cost, speed, etc., will influence how you price your product/service.

How Visible and Searchable Your Company is on Search Engines

As a Google Partner, we understand all the ins and outs of Houston SEO and provide custom Houston website design that helps your brand rank well. With a strong SEO strategy as a component of your overall marketing strategy, your company is able to reach a greater portion of those you wish to turn into loyal customers. Our team can develop a custom content marketing strategy that increases your credibility and boosts your SEO ranking.

Sharing Your Brand Story is the Best Branding Strategy

The best, most impactful, and most effective way to stand out is by sharing your brand’s story. At the end of the day, your story is what sets you apart because it is unique to you, therefore making it what your target audience actually resonates with. At that point, if your audience shares your beliefs and relates to you, price won’t even be an argument because they are positive about the value you offer them.

INFINI Marketing Specializes in Telling Your Story to Expand Your Business

If you’re a Houston business and wish to create a compelling story, and/or wish to rank higher on Google to share your story with more people, then please contact us so we can develop a customized marketing strategy that combines traditional and digital marketing to strengthen your brand and expand your business.