Marketing team surrounding a poster board illustrating different branches of marketing strategy

There are many myths that exist in the world of digital marketing simply because there are some misconceptions that reach different business owners. Unfortunately, believing in these myths is precisely what may be hindering the growth of your Houston business, so in this article, we will dispel three common myths/beliefs that we hear.

Myth #1: SEO Is An Outdated Marketing Tactic

About 10 years ago, SEO was all the rage and everyone did it, but over time we saw the demand in Houston SEO dwindle. This led many to believe that SEO became unnecessary, but in reality, search engines just finetuned their SEO algorithms so that only the best, most reputable businesses shine on page 1. This means that, if you want to be on page 1 of Google someday, you need to invest in your business's brand.

Today, not only is SEO ever-evolving to ensure that searchers are given high-quality search results, but local Houston SEO is taking this industry by storm. Local SEO is another branch of SEO that requires businesses to meet certain criteria, and we excel at helping our clients rank well on local search. 

Myth #2: Some Businesses Don’t Need To Be On Social Media

Unfortunately, small local businesses are more prone to falling victim to this way of thinking than larger corporations are. Social media is often seen as a place to post photos once a week, but there is actually a lot more to it that, if not taken advantage of, will put you far behind your competition.

The right social media marketing strategy is highly sophisticated and can be utilized to foster a community of loyal customers, increase brand awareness, and strengthen brand credibility–all of which are absolutely necessary if your Houston business is to survive.

Our Houston marketing agency can execute a social media advertising campaign that successfully generates more leads. We can also manage your posts for you in a way that honors your brand’s unique voice.

Myth #3: Retargeted Marketing Will Scare Your Potential Leads Away

Interestingly, there is actually some level of truth to this myth. If you use retargeting ads (sometimes referred to as "remarketing") incorrectly, your potential leads will most definitely feel like their privacy has been compromised and like all you want is their money, which immediately harms your brand’s image.

When done correctly, however, your audience is far more likely to keep your brand at the front of their minds and you will see impressive results.

Entrust Our Houston Marketing Agency To Design And Implement A Custom Digital Marketing Strategy That Sets Your Business Apart From Others

People’s lives are centered around the digital world these days, so businesses need to tap into this world. If you are ready for your business to reach new heights, then please contact us so we can learn about your goals and develop a winning marketing strategy.