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What Separates Amazing Web Design From Good Web Design

For just about any Houston business, impactful Houston web design is often a key factor that your potential customers consider when they are making their purchasing decision. Websites serve as the face of your business and therefore tie in all of the different aspects of your marketing strategy, so it is imperative that yours is high-quality and encourages your leads to convert. In this blog, our Houston marketing agency will discuss what factors will make your website a truly amazing one that soars above the competition.

Focused Small Business Branding Strategy

A focused message yields a strong brand. At INFINI Marketing, we treat your website as the center of your entire marketing and branding strategy. Your website must be an accurate representation of who you are as a business and what value you offer, so we take the time to get to know you and your business and what it is you stand for. This central branding message–your WHY–is then utilized as the focal point of the Houston website design strategy we execute for you. Everything about the website–the words, the images–will circle back to your why, which provides a focused and centralized message that is easy for all of your visitors to understand. 

Houston SEO Friendliness

The purpose of SEO, whether you decide to follow a traditional SEO strategy or a Local SEO strategy, is to make your website easily found and navigated by your target audience on search engines when they type in the relevant keywords. An amazing website is one that incorporates a robust SEO strategy, so we take special care to include highly targeted and competitive keywords with your custom Houston web design and ensure your metadata is correct. We also prioritize seamless functionality on all platforms and screen sizes, as this also impacts how you rank on search engines. We also offer a more robust SEO strategy in which we focus on producing fresh content on a regular basis for you, as this can surge your Houston business ranking on search engines.

Conversion Optimized

A conversion-optimized website is one that offers enough information for visitors to easily continue learning about your business and a clear, direct call to action, such as “Contact Us” or “Request An Appointment”. The call to action is crucial because, without it, how else will your visitors know what exactly you want them to do when they are on your website?

Entrust Our Houston Marketing Agency With Creating A Custom Website Designed To Expand Your Houston Business

Amazing Houston web design that expands your business has a focused branding strategy, SEO-friendly content, and is optimized for conversions. Please contact us if you're in need of a new website. With our custom messaging, strategic writing, thoughtful design, and effective teach features, our Houston marketing agency can design a website for your Houston business that successfully (and continuously) turns visitors into customers.

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Consider A Referral Program For Your Houston Business

83% of customers take referrals from people they know seriously, and 82% of Americans ask for recommendations before making a purchase. Based on these numbers, what’s stopping you from implementing a referral marketing program for your Houston business, especially when, according to a study done by the Wharton School Of Business, companies who offer a referral program can earn 86% more revenue? While we recommend elevating your digital marketing strategy with Houston SEO or social media marketing, we also understand that word-of-mouth is timeless, though more effective when paired with digital marketing. Our Houston marketing agency sees referral marketing as an elevated form of word-of-mouth that doesn’t need to be difficult, so in this article, we will discuss two ways to implement a referral program that generates new leads, increases conversions, and expands your business.

How Referral Programs Help Your Houston Business

If you’re confident that your customers are happy with your product/service, shouldn’t your business be booming? The reason why you aren’t getting enough referrals is simple: your customers aren’t remembering to spread the word because you aren’t asking or reminding them to. A referral program, however, is an easy fix for this that enables you to ask customers to refer you in exchange for a reward. By implementing a referral program, your business will thrive from increased word-of-mouth.

Two Ways To Get More Referrals For Your Houston Business

There are many ways to go about referrals, but here are two general categories.

Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are easy with referral software, which offers several easy vehicles for getting more referrals, such as:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Flyers

Once you’ve decided on your vehicle, it’s time to determine the incentive. The best incentives are those that reward the customer that referred you and the receiving party, such as a “Give $20, Get $20” deal. Another enticing referral incentive is to “Refer A Friend And Get 15% Off”.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are formed between businesses that can mutually benefit from each other’s clientele and vise versa. For example, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble formed a strategic alliance in which they share the same space, Barnes & Noble provides the books, and Starbucks serves coffee to their shared customer base. As another example, our Houston marketing agency formed a strategic alliance with ActionCOACH in Houston, a business coach that uplifts business owners all over the world. We provide each other with referrals by sharing one deal: if you become a client of INFINI Marketing or sign up for a free website audit with us, you will receive:

  • Full day business planning session
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 2-hour business diagnostic review of your company

All valued at over $3,000! This deal gives both our companies qualified leads, who can then refer us to their friends.

Referral Marketing For Your Houston Business

If you would like to expand your Houston business with an effective digital marketing strategy, a website audit, a referral marketing strategy, and/or a business coach to help guide your business’s expansion, then please contact our Houston marketing agency. We look forward to expanding your business with you!

targeted and non-targeted display ads for Houston business

How Targeted Ads and Non-Targeted Ads Expand Your Business

Advertising can effectively boost your Houston digital marketing strategy and expand your business. There are two kinds of display ads that our marketing agency can incorporate into your marketing strategy: targeted advertisements and non-targeted advertisements, both of which can do wonders for your business. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of advertisement and help you determine which will best aid in achieving your business goals.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertisements enable you to target display ads to your intended audience based on their demographics (such as race, age, and income), as well as psychographics, which include attributes such as interests and hobbies. These ads can be shown across different platforms, including social media, mobile applications, and search engines, particularly with Google Ads marketing.

Targeted advertisements yield higher conversion rates because the buyer is already interested in a product or service like yours. On the downside, this type of ad tends to require a greater investment than non-targeted advertisements, but the investment yields a better return.

Non-Targeted Advertising

Similar to targeted advertisements, non-targeted ads enable you to show your Houston business’s display ad across any platform with advertising space, including television and radio, but you do not get to set specific criteria that describe your ideal buyer.

On the plus side, because these ads don’t target your ideal buyer, they are inexpensive compared to targeted ads. However, you may get fewer conversions because not everyone who sees the ad will be interested in buying your product/service.

Which Type Of Advertisement Is Best For Your Business?

Our Houston marketing agency advocates for implementing a targeted advertising campaign because, even though it does require investing more money than some business owners would like, the return is unbeatable and we can even guarantee leads and track them with our proprietary LIT System, which helps you improve your conversion rate. Eventually, the ad campaign will pay for itself!

Although budget-friendly, non-targeted advertising might reach some interested buyers, you are likely to reach more uninterested buyers, which wastes the money you could have otherwise put to more effective, sustainable, and scalable targeted ads.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Can Implement An Effective Advertising Campaign For Your Business

Whatever goals you are trying to achieve with an ad campaign, such as phone calls, website visits, or purchases, our Google Partner Houston marketing agency is here to help you execute an effective ad campaign that helps you achieve your business goals with Google or Facebook Ads. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, please contact us so we can understand your needs and expand your business, together.

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Why Is A Houston Website So Important?

Many business owners don’t have a website for their physical brick and mortar business because they believe their customers don’t need to visit a website to know they are a high-quality product or service. Other business owners settle for slapping something on the world wide web because everyone else has a website, so there has to be a reason. What is the reason though? Here are three reasons why a website (and beautiful Houston website design) is crucial to the survival and success of your business.

Houston Branding

When you have a strong brand associated with your business, you instill what your business and brand stand for in your audience, which creates a bond between business and customer. When you cultivate that bond, you encourage customer loyalty, and customer loyalty will ensure your Houston business continues to grow. 

First impressions matter and your website is the perfect place to introduce your brand to new visitors who are trying to decide whether they should become your customer or not. Remember, your brand must always portray your business in a positive light. For example, if your website is outdated, your brand may come across as outdated as well, which will deter your target audience from actually browsing your website long enough to convert into a customer.

Houston SEO

Although we offer both traditional SEO and local SEO services, we place greater importance on Houston local SEO. The purpose of search engines is to point potential customers in the right direction (i.e., to your business), but you won’t even show up on search engine results if you don’t have a website. When we integrate a Houston SEO strategy with a website design strategy, we design all of your pages to be beautiful and functional across devices of all sizes, which aids in your SEO ranking, and we also make the effort to write SEO-friendly content that not only explains all that your brand stands for, but that also contributes to your Houston SEO strategy.

Conversion Optimization

With new, impactful Houston web design, your website will look fresh and modern, which will welcome new visitors with ease. This will invite them to continue learning about your business. With the right message, thoughtful design, and some tech features like a form fill or call button with impressive data tracking, our Houston marketing agency can successfully design a website that is optimized for turning leads (visitors) into conversions (customers)

Upscale Website With Strategic Houston Web Design Expands Your Business

If you would like to bring in new customers or cultivate more loyalty within your existing customers, then please contact us so we can conduct a website audit and then help you determine how you can improve your website. When you sign up for a website audit, you will also receive the following from ActionCOACH (valued at over $3000):

  • Full day business planning session
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 2-hour business diagnostic review of your company

We look forward to expanding your business together!

Houston dentist treating a patient who came in after a dental marketing campaign

Our Advice For Marketing Your Houston Dental Practice

Our Houston marketing agency has worked with several Houston dentists, which you can see in our marketing client portfolio. We have successfully expanded each of their practices with custom-tailored marketing strategies. If you’re a dentist who wants to bring in new patients and/or open another practice, here are some of our top Houston dental marketing tips.

Establish A Brand Beyond Your Own Name

Although you as the dentist are the face of the practice, it’s important to create a brand that surrounds you and your practice. You may wonder, isn’t your name and/or your practice’s name the brand? It’s actually only part of your brand. A true brand has a story that customers (or, in your case, patients) resonate with. A true brand is something intangible, but something that is deeply felt. Sure, word-of-mouth may be your go-to strategy for getting more patients, but investing in professional dental marketing will take your practice (and your brand) to all-new heights. With a proper dental marketing strategy, you will see how quickly new patients find you without having to rely solely on word-of-mouth. This makes your practice and your brand sustainable and scalable.

Look Into High-Quality Houston Website Design

A website is crucial because the success of your dental marketing strategy is reliant on the success of your website. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media, and reviews all lead back to your website. If your web design isn’t optimized for all devices and screen sizes nor for conversions, these dental marketing tactics won’t be as impactful or effective. To determine whether your website is properly optimized, we may begin with a Houston website audit in which we analyze your overall website performance. Our Houston marketing agency has a designated web design team that can create a beautiful, custom dental website that reflects your brand and is conversion-optimized so your practice can grow.

Bonus Offer: 

When you sign up for a website audit or become a client of Infini Marketing, you will also get this amazing gift from ActionCOACH (valued at OVER $3000):

  • Full day business planning session
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 2-hour business diagnostic review of your company

Read And Interpret Analytics

The best way to determine whether your Houston dental practice is really growing is by installing an analytics tracking system. Our proprietary Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System lets dentists know where exactly their patients are coming from and how they learned about you. This way, your dental marketing strategy can be optimized to generate leads and convert them at the right time, helping you grow at a continuous rate.

Market Your Dental Practice With A Houston Marketing Agency

At INFINI Marketing, your business is our universe and we want to expand our business right alongside you and your business. If you believe it’s time to expand your dental practice to bring in new patients more often and/or to open another location, then please contact our marketing strategists. We look forward to meeting with you, discussing your goals, and helping you achieve them.

INFINI Marketing - Houston Marketing

At INFINI Marketing, the team combines our talent and expertise in Branding, Technology, and Digital Marketing in order to help you expand your business. We ensure the strategy we develop for you is holistic and scalable so that as your business expands, your strategy can, as well.


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