Vector graphic of someone placing a display ad on the side of Google search results

You may have heard about display ads and/or display advertising. In this article, we will talk about what display advertising is, different types of display advertisements, and how our Houston marketing agency can help you expand your business through a well-executed campaign.

What Is Display Advertising?

A display advertisement is a type of digital advertising that can appear across different websites, mobile and desktop applications, and search engines in the form of banners, videos, text, and even audio. The purpose of a display ad is to get a company’s message out to an audience in an attempt to increase brand awareness and achieve other business objectives, such as website visits, phone calls, and subscriptions.

Two Types Of Display Advertising

There are two main types of display ads that our Houston marketing agency implements on a regular basis: targeted and non-targeted display ads.

Targeted Display Ads

Targeted display advertisements are based on your target audience’s demographics. You may also choose to target consumers based on psychographics, which have been proven effective in a marketing strategy.

As a Google Partner, we specialize in implementing Google Ads campaigns. In fact, we prefer for businesses to advertise on GoogleAds because it allows them to target consumers based on their search history and web browsing behavior, which is the criteria used by us to determine who your active buyers are. 

Non-Targeted Display Ads

Compared to targeted ads, non-targeted display advertisements are very generalized and primarily intended to reach as wide an audience as possible for little cost. In this case, you may not specify who your audience is according to demographics and psychographics.

INFINI Marketing Executes Effective Display Ads For Houston Businesses

In order to implement an advertising campaign that actually works, different factors have to be considered, which is why we recommend you team up with a marketing agency. Our Houston marketing agency is a Google Partner and we’ve spent over $10 million on highly effective campaigns that generate qualified leads. We do so by keeping the following in mind:

  • Is your unique selling proposition clear on the landing page?
  • Is there a good call to action?
  • Is your ad matching the keywords you want/need?
  • Is your audience just right (not too broad, not too narrow)?
  • Is the ad placed in a relevant location?
  • Is the ad itself attractive?

If you would like to advertise your business in order to achieve certain goals, then please contact us so we can assess your needs and make the appropriate recommendations for a winning marketing strategy.