Diagram illustrating what goes into setting marketing kpi's and growing a small business from them

In our previous marketing blog post, we explained what a KPI is and which ones you should measure. However, if you read our article, you will know that your KPI’s are highly customized to your business’s current marketing goals. In this article, we will dive into what your Houston business should consider when determining the right marketing KPI’s.

Determining Your Goals

Before you can properly determine what KPI’s to measure, you first need to figure out what marketing-related goals your business wants to achieve. Sure, your business may have multiple goals, but rather than overwhelming yourself with trying to achieve all of your goals at once, focus on just a small handful at a time. Remember that your KPI’s can and should be revised as you achieve these goals. 


For example, do you want to reach page 1 of Google by refreshing your website with new content? Would you like to see an increase in the amount of form fills you receive in a week? These are great starting points, but, much like how goals are best achieved when they are SMART goals, your KPI’s are best measured and most helpful to the expansion of your business when they are SMART as well.

A SMART KPI meets the following criteria:

  • Specific: Is it absolutely clear where you want to go with your KPI? Does it target a specific area of improvement?
  • Measurable: Can you quantify it with clear, available data so you can objectively evaluate its performance?
  • Attainable: Is your desired KPI something that is realistically achievable? Or is it a little far-fetched with your team’s current tools?
  • Relevant: Is the KPI truly relevant to what your business wishes to achieve? Will it be useful in determining how your company is currently performing?
  • Time-bound: Have you assigned a time frame in which your KPI must be measured and achieved?

Communicate Your KPI’s With Your Team

At the end of the day, a Key Performance Indicator is a tool that communicates the current state of your business, and your entire team needs to be on the same page in order to make the most of your KPI. As your marketing agency, our goal is to expand your business, and if you have specific marketing-related KPI’s in mind that will expand your business, then we need to be made aware of this and gather the information for you on a regular basis so we can consistently optimize your marketing strategy.

By communicating your SMART goals and KPI’s with us, we will be able to assist you in revising your KPI’s as your business grows. Your KPI’s will need to change as your business does because their entire purpose is to help guide you in achieving your marketing goals.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Is Here To Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by investing in a custom marketing strategy, then please contact us so we can develop the strategy you need in order to make this happen. We look forward to expanding your business, together!