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Using Houston SEO to Get to Page 1 on Google

Using Houston SEO to Get to Page 1 on Google

If you want to expand your business and make a significant impact on your community, then SEO is one of the key components that must be incorporated into your Houston digital marketing strategy. While many think that SEO is outdated, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s as powerful as ever when done by SEO and marketing pros like us at INFINI Marketing. In this article, we will talk about how you can leverage SEO to get to page 1 on Google and other search engines.

Begin With Fresh Houston Web Design

Never underestimate the power of great Houston website design. Today, SEO algorithms factor in website design and navigation, especially as we are generally more dependent and active on our smartphones. Your website will earn some serious SEO points if you redo it to meet the following criteria:

  • Follow a mobile-first web design approach
  • Make sure your website loads quickly
  • Keep your website secure, especially if you are a medical or dental office that needs to be HIPAA compliant
  • Strategically use competitive keywords

Write Valuable Content That Caters to Humans, Not SEO Bots

The biggest mistake people make when trying to get to the top of search results is using Black Hat SEO tactics. One of the worst tactics is keyword stuffing on your products/services pages for the sake of communicating to the SEO bots, which “crawl” your website to store its information for later. Unfortunately, the algorithm can detect this and will penalize your website. Instead, you need to write for humans. Not too much information and not too little. Just enough so that it’s relevant to them and they understand what your website is all about.

Set Up a Blog Right on Your Website

One of the best ways to write valuable content is to blog on your website. It’s the perfect vehicle for creating fresh content that improves your online presence. 

Our Houston marketing team can build your blog and also write for it on a monthly basis. The more frequently, the better. What’s more, we focus on branded blogs. This means we won’t write generic, shortcut content. We will write articles that interest your target audience but also attach your brand to every article so they are truly unique to you. As we write more blogs, you will gain authority in your industry and search engine visibility. 

Our Houston Marketing Agency is Ready to Expand Your Business With High-Quality SEO

Though SEO is not a once-and-done deal and takes some time to kick in so that your website can “age”, the sooner you start...the better! SEO is one of the most effective and sustainable tactics that you should incorporate into your Houston digital marketing strategy if you want to expand your business. If you would like to get a spot on Google’s first page, and page 1 on other search engines, then please contact us. Our passion is expanding businesses and impacting the world, and we would love to team up to make an impact together!

INFINI is on the Up and Up With Our Newly Re-Launched Website

INFINI is on the Up and Up With Our Newly Re-Launched Website

If you’ve read our previous blog post all about our 2022 year in review, then you know a lot of great things happened at INFINI last year. We aren’t stopping anytime soon, either!

We are continuously dedicated to giving our clients beautiful websites, but in the process, we had been leaving ours off to the side. During the latter half of 2022, we decided to be intentional in giving ourselves a new website. Week by week our team chipped away at different aspects of our website and worked to update and modernize it. Today, we are so proud to announce that our new website is officially live. What a perfect way to kick off the new year!

Shifting Gears–Fresher Houston Web Design

The previous version of our website design and even the content were not as seamless as we would have liked. Not to mention, we felt it no longer portrayed our marketing agency as accurately. We are proud of our growth and it was time that our website reflected this. We say it all the time: your website is the anchor for your digital marketing strategy and should grow right along with you.

All in on Outerspace

INFINI - the French word for Infinite. Meaning limitless and never-ending–much like Space itself. 

At INFINI Marketing, we believe in infinitely expanding businesses so we can impact the world. It’s true: your business has limitless potential, and it is our job to uncover that potential and leverage it so you can achieve all of the dreams and goals you have for your business. 

Refreshing The Brand and Breaking Down Our Marketing Services

Our brand essence has always been the same, but we felt that we could communicate it more effectively this time around. 

Our revised branding message includes explaining our services from a different angle. We are a Houston marketing agency that can become your marketing partner at any stage of your company–from the early stages all the way up to when you have a well-established, decades-old company. We broke down our services offerings into correlating phases:

Thrusting INFINI Marketing to New Heights

There are many goals we have been working towards and will continue to do so. One of them is the launch of our gravity funnel system–a system we’ve created to help automate the sales process for doctors and dentists, and other professionals across any industry. We have officially launched this new system and are looking forward to helping even more businesses grow through it!

More Houston Website Design Updates Incoming

We’ve only just launched phase 1 of our website re-design. We have much more coming up and we are so excited to design a better website that accurately reflects our own journey of growth and the digital marketing services we offer. Please look forward to more updates as we complete them! As always, if you would like to learn more about how we can help you expand your business and impact your community, please contact us.

Houston marketing firm INFINI Marketing at team dinner 2022

INFINI Marketing's 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been a big year for many. For us at INFINI, we have so much to be grateful for and a lot of growth to think back on. We’ve come a long way thanks to you, our clients, so we thought we would reflect on the last year!

Learning to be More Efficient

We were very fortunate to have grown our Houston marketing agency since 2020. However, this also meant larger and newer projects for us that proved to be more challenging than we were used to at the time. Naturally, we had to learn to pivot and adapt to keep up with our growth. We implemented brand new systems to make us more efficient, improve communication, and prepare ourselves for growing our digital marketing team.

Multiplying Our Team

With numerous projects underway, we made the decision to expand our team on various fronts.

  • Separated the account manager and project manager role
  • Project Manager: we hired a project manager to assist with maintaining project timelines because as we got busier, planning and timeliness became even more critical. 
  • Account Manager: to serve as the point of contact for all of our clients and ensure constant communication while our team works hard to finish their projects.
  • Additional Content Writers: we brought on more content writers and successfully trained them to assist with blogs and webpage content.
  • Additional Web Graphic Designers: they assist with website design, graphic design for digital collateral, and print graphic design.
  • Additional Digital Marketing Specialist: to assist with ads reporting, refinement, and also social media as needed. 

While expanding our team, some of our members stepped into leadership roles–some of whom have never had to manage a team, which meant they would also undergo training. They excitedly took on their new roles, eager to learn more. They have also helped improve our company’s efficiency and productivity while maintaining our top quality standards. Overall, our clients have been happy with our improved customer service and we couldn’t be more proud of our team!

Hitting Our Revenue Goal Ahead of Schedule

For the last couple of years, our goal was to reach the next major revenue milestone. We were on track to meet our goal at the end of the year, but we actually reached our goal a few months early! We have been honored to grow right alongside our clients and meet business owners who are just as ambitious as we are.

BizX Nominations

INFINI Marketing has been nominated for multiple awards which speak to our company’s values and achievements, including:

  • Best Service-Based Company Under 10 Employees
  • Minority Owned Business of the Year
  • Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • Best CEO

Growing Closer as a Team

Our Houston-based team has become much closer these days. We’ve always felt like a family at INFINI, but this year we spent more time together outside of work to get to know each other beyond our job descriptions. We aren't just colleagues; we're friends.

INFINI is Looking Forward to 2023!

Another year is about to be in the books. We’ve come a long way since we originally founded our company and we want to take the time to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of our journey. We created INFINI with the desire to impact the world one business at a time, and we are grateful every day for this opportunity. Here’s to more growth and more blessings!