Why WIX is Great For Your Houston Start-Up Business

Over the last few years, WIX has become a powerhouse and a first-choice website builder for new and established businesses. Here is why it’s a great option for start-ups, as well as how it falls short in the long term.

Why WIX is Great For Houston Small Businesses and Start-Ups

#1 WIX Offers Many Stunning Layouts

WIX’s pride and joy is its constantly expanding template library. They have templates with modern layouts for all kinds of small businesses and start-ups, each of which looks professional, clean, and appealing to the eye. This is great when your Houston business is just starting out and you want to have a professional image right off the bat.

#2 You Can Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

Today, optimizing your website for mobile visitors is essential. Not only does this make the user experience better, but it also strengthens your Houston brand. Implementing a mobile-friendly website can also help you increase your leads and therefore your chances of achieving more conversions. WIX automatically optimizes your website for mobile, so long as you keep your content within their page borders, but just to ensure you are happy with its appearance, the website builder gives you the option to further edit the mobile version.

#3 User-Friendly Houston Website Design

WIX’s layouts are stunning, but they are also customizable. If you don’t want to work off of their templates, you also have the option to start from a blank page. Either way, they implement a simple drag/drop method that allows you to drag and drop text boxes, images, videos, and more and customize them as you please. With WiX, building a website is a quick process that still allows you to reflect your brand.

How Does WIX Fall Short When it Comes to Houston Website Design?

#1 Layouts Are Hard to Change and They Perform Slowly

Once you select a layout, you’re stuck with it. You can change the content and design within it (to an extent) but for the most part, the template must remain the same. The only way to change it is by starting a brand new template and typing all the content in again. It does not allow for content migration from one WIXsite to another. Also, because of their simple drag/drop method, you miss out on a lot of features that you would otherwise enjoy with the help of code. Additionally, even if you are happy with the design and functionality of your website, WIX is very slow when it comes to mobile, especially if you have a fully-loaded website with animation, videos, images, and WIX applications. This can, in turn, decrease your user engagement and turn away potential leads.

#2 WIX Is Not Search Engine or Lead Tracking Savvy

Although WIX does offer some help with Houston SEO, it isn’t very sophisticated. INFINI is a Google Partner, so we know all the ins and outs of ranking well on search engines. WIX does not do a very good job of tracking your leads. INFINI, on the other hand, offers our Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System so let business owners know where their potential customers are coming from.

Entrust INFINI to Give Your Houston Business an Upscale Website

While WIX is great for starting out, if you want your business to truly succeed you need a robust website platform. If you are in need of an upscale website, please contact us. We currently offer a state-of-the-art website with powerful Houston SEO and LIT system capabilities, and even more for just $999. We offer enterprise-level software for your local business so you can stand out and further grow your marketing strategy as we help you expand your business.