How Our Houston Marketing Agency Helps Businesses Track Their Leads

“Lead tracking” is a term that is especially important in the world of marketing. Everything we do for our clients has to be tracked, and we understand that our clients want to know that their investment is well worth it and that all of our efforts to expand their business are paying off.

What is Lead Tracking and Why is it So Important?

Lead tracking is what we refer to as the analytical process of understanding where your new customers are coming from. In addition to further understanding this, being able to track your leads also helps business owners determine the next steps and actions to take that will turn a qualified lead into a sale.

How INFINI Marketing Tracks Leads

When our Houston marketing agency works with a client to expand their business, we offer our LIT (Lead Intelligence Tracking) System. This system enables our clients to understand where their new and potential customers come from and it helps our marketing strategists determine which marketing campaigns are the most successful in terms of driving interest and action. Furthermore, effective lead tracking makes it easier for us to use data we gather to personalize both our efforts and your own.

What Data Needs to be Tracked?

In the digital age, it is absolutely crucial to track all activities that take place online. We most commonly do this through web forms, such as appointment bookings or contact forms. Even more important, from a digital marketing perspective, is tracking the online actions they took that led someone to your website. This means finding out what SEO keywords they used to land on your website. Doing so helps us better understand how your target audience thinks, which allows us to develop social media and digital campaigns and content that your target audience can engage and resonate with, encouraging individuals to become your next loyal customer.

We cannot ignore the fact that 92% of customers interact with a business through the phone, which is why we also track all incoming phone calls. Because a phone call is often a “call to action” following content or Google ads, we are able to see which campaigns and content drove the viewer to make a phone call, which keywords the caller used, and which medium is performing most successfully. This gives our team valuable insight on what changes we can make and what aspects of our custom-tailored marketing strategy are providing the most leads and conversions.

INFINI Marketing Aims to Make Your Strategy Scalable

What good is a digital marketing strategy if it cannot be improved upon? All of our strategies are designed and executed with the intention to be scalable as your business grows. Once you’ve reached your first goal as a business, our strategy doesn’t stop there. Using our LIT System, our team makes sure that your social media, SEO, and branding strategies can all function together and be adjusted to help you achieve your next goal and every goal after that. To learn more about how our LIT System can help expand your business, please contact us to set up an appointment or sign up for a free 30-day trial.