Interstitial Ads: What Are They and How to Incorporate Them In Your Houston Business Marketing Strategy

There are several kinds of advertisements placed on the Internet as part of the different digital marketing strategies that brands develop and execute. One of the less common types is the interstitial advertisement, which can be displayed on your Houston business website or in a mobile app.

What is an Interstitial Ad? 

An interstitial ad is similar to a pop-up type of ad, but unlike other pop-ups, they are designed to appear at natural pauses or breaks in what you are viewing. An interstitial ad is full-screen and it is usually interactive. You may run across an interstitial ad if you are playing a free game on your phone, where it will often show up on your screen every time you beat a level or complete an attempt in your mobile game. Many mobile game companies invest in this type of ad because it gives the viewer a chance to try playing right on the advertisement without the need to download it first.

How to Successfully Implement Interstitial Ads

Much like how practicing bad SEO leads to Google and other search engines penalizing you, the same can occur with the advertisements you choose to invest in and create. Interstitial ads are carefully monitored, especially on mobile because they are known for disrupting the user-experience. If you poorly execute your advertisement, then Google will penalize you and your customers may feel less inclined to trust you. Here are some helpful guidelines.

Think About Placement

It is best to place an interstitial ad only when there is some natural buffering or wait time on your mobile or desktop application (or website) while your audience is using it. This keeps users engaged and even entertained while they wait for the next of your content to load. Do not display the ad the second the user opens the app, and do not purposely create a wait time just for the sake of showing the user an ad. Placing them at any other time will disrupt the experience and there will be consequences. You may be flagged as spam, or your ad will no longer be shown.

Avoid Overexposure

We recommend you set a maximum for the number of times a user will see the same ad. This helps prevent ad fatigue, which means users will not become “numb” to your ads, therefore remaining engaged.

Ensure Preparedness

A delay in showing ads happens, but this can easily be fixed. Our Houston marketing strategists recommend pre-loading the ad content so the user sees it right when they need to, as opposed to waiting for the ad to show up. This also improves viewer engagement and experience.

Our Houston Marketing Strategists Will Expand Your Brand’s Reach

As a Google Partner, we are well-aware of the advertising guidelines Google sets. Our team ensures we keep up with any changes so your brand is well-represented. We can even improve upon your website design to make it interstitial ad-friendly. If you would like help implementing stunning ads that generate leads for your Houston business, then please contact our marketing strategists.