Graphic of SEO font in Google colors to illustrate what affects a business's Houston SEO strategy

A Google Ads strategy is a great way to generate more leads and conversions in a shorter time frame. A Houston SEO strategy is also a great way to increase leads and conversions, but this is designed to be a long-term strategy to ensure your Houston business is regularly and consistently generating leads without paying for them. Although they are two different strategies, this marketing blog will discuss ways in which you can use your Google Ads campaign data to maximize your Houston SEO strategy.

Examine Click-Through Rates

Your Click-Through-Rate, abbreviated as CTR, is a good indicator of what was written in such a way that piqued your viewers’ interest. By measuring your CTR, you will get a good idea of which of your Google Ads headlines and descriptions resulted in your viewers actually clicking on your ad. As for your CTR on certain keywords, this metric tells you which words best resonated with what your audience wanted to learn more about. 

Examine Your Keyword Cost Per Click

A higher Cost Per Click (CPC) is associated with more expensive keywords. Our Houston marketing agency recommends that you identify the keywords with the highest average CPC because the more expensive the keyword, the more valuable and competitive it is. This means your audience is most certainly typing this keyword into their search engine of choice, and you want to be sure that your website appears in those search results. 

Evaluate Impressions On Certain Keywords

In digital marketing, the term ‘impressions’ refers to how many times your Google Ad was seen. However, be mindful of the fact that just because your ad was seen, does not mean it was clicked. This metric is rather vague, but by measuring the number of impressions certain keywords had, you could use this information to give you ideas on what to write as brand new SEO content. Perhaps you could provide a solution or answer a question relative to these keywords.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Can Help You Execute A Winning Houston SEO Strategy

On their own, both Google Ads and Houston SEO are effective at generating new leads and conversions, but when you pair them together, they become all the more impactful in expanding your business. If you would like to implement a data-backed SEO strategy, then please contact us so we can discuss your goals and execute a custom strategy for you. We can measure this data for you to write your SEO content in a way that improves your rank on search engines. Remember that when it comes to Houston SEO, high-value content is king, and using your Google Ads data is a surefire way to provide your visitors with as much value as possible.