Houston marketer posting client content to their social media pages in order to improve Houston SEO

It is believed by many business owners that social media is a must if they want to stand out on search engines. However, this isn’t entirely accurate, nor is it completely false. In this article, we will discuss the truth behind social media’s effects on SEO.

Social Media Is Designed To Foster A Community And Build Brand Loyalty

Our Houston marketing agency considers social media marketing as less of an SEO tool and more of a tool you can use to strengthen your brand. After all, by sharing valuable content on your social media pages, your business could not only appear in the trending topics, but you could also connect with those who find value in your content.

In reality, your social media presence is not factored into Google’s algorithm–or any SEO algorithm, for that matter. Your social media presence does, however, affect certain factors that the algorithm does take into account.

Social Media Indirectly Affects Your Houston Business’s SEO Performance

It’s safe to say that social media indirectly but largely impacts your SEO results. Here’s how.

Social Media Increases Web Traffic, An Important Factor In Your SEO Rank

You can post aesthetically pleasing photos all you want on Instagram, but you should also share every single blog post you publish on all of your social media channels. This is because sharing posts with friends is an important component of social media. When your followers share your posts with their friends, they not only spread the word on your brand but also drive additional traffic to your pages. 

By sharing a link to your latest article, you create what is called a backlink–a link from an outside source that takes the viewer back to your website. The more you post your blogs and the more people share your articles, the more backlinks you can generate.

Social Media Activity Signals To Google That You Offer Value

Because content quality is critical in determining how well your business ranks on search engines, creating content that is so good that people want to share it or interact with it signals to search engines that your content is genuinely valuable and worth rising in position on search engine results. You can get your business even more of these “signals” by posting your content across several different platforms in order to promote more engagement.

INFINI Marketing Can Help Make The Most Of Your Social Media To Improve Your Houston SEO Rank

Social media may not be factored into the algorithm that determines what page of search results you appear on, but it can certainly increase engagement and website traffic and speak to the value you want your brand to be known for–all of which are criteria that the algorithm considers. If you would like to hone in on your social media presence while simultaneously boosting your Houston SEO results, then please contact us so we can discuss your goals and design a custom SEO marketing strategy for you.