Houston Marketing Client Update: Advanced Fences (Interview)

Although we launched Advanced Fences' website at the beginning of the year, we decided to interview one of the owners, Brian, to see how their business is doing, especially during COVID-19. Advanced Fences is a Houston-based fencing company that specializes in designing, fabricating, and installing custom residential fences and gates, as well as commercial fences and gates. They also design and install driveway gates.

When we started working together, our Houston marketing strategists recommended that their marketing strategy should consist of graphic design, branding, website design, and digital advertising. Please read our interview below, where we discuss their initial difficulties as a business and how much they have grown from when we launched them in January until today.

Interviewing Brian of Advanced Fences

INFINI: How has business been during the pandemic?

Brian: It has been really difficult

INFINI: What is the most challenging part of running your business during this period?

Brian: The most challenging part is making sure people know we're open because everyone thinks that people in construction and fencing aren't working right now. 

INFINI: What have you done to overcome this challenging time?

Brian: We did everything we could. We started calling existing customers and asking for referrals. We also started with door knockers and of course, we also continued with our Google Ads.

INFINI: What was the most successful out of all of these efforts?

Brian: It was really a combination of everything. But the most important thing was getting the website up to date and have the messaging, which needs to be very clear. The message had to make it clear that even though we are still working, we are practicing social distancing and using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

INFINI: Did You Experience Success During COVID-19?

Brian: In the first couple of weeks, we lost about 1/3 of the business we were bringing in, but as the economy reopens, because of the marketing we're doing with you, our business has increased by 50% from the beginning of the year. We also have good customer reviews and one customer was extremely happy with us and our work. They thanked us and said the price was great, the process was seamless, and our quality of work was amazing. They were really pleased with our dedication as well because we worked through the rain to ensure we gave them the fence they desired in a timely manner. 

INFINI: With the economy reopening, how do you feel your business will perform?

Brian: This week is actually the busiest week we've ever had. Overall the prospect looks really bright and we're looking forward to experiencing continual growth. We'll definitely keep up our quality and pricing and continue with the marketing strategy we're utilizing right now.  

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We're excited to hear about how much Advanced Fences has grown in the last few months, and it makes us feel so proud to see that they are expanding and we get to be right by their side. They have even decided to double their investment in marketing so that they can expand more and give more Houstonians the residential gates and fences, or commercial gates and fences of their dreams, ensuring Peace of Mind, Personal Space, and Self Expression.