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Importance of Newsletters in Your Houston Marketing Strategy

Newsletters are not a new concept. These days, though, newsletters are more commonly delivered to your email inbox as opposed to your traditional mailbox. In this article, our Houston marketing company will break down why you should introduce newsletters as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Newsletters Are Actually Highly Effective

Contrary to popular belief, email newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools your business could use. They are a tried and true method for retaining current customers and can even be used as a way to generate new leads. This becomes especially effective when you incorporate it into your Houston SEO strategy.

Target Current and New Customers With Email

81% of small business owners rely on email marketing as their main way of targeting new customers; 80% of small business owners rely on email marketing as a way to keep their current customers coming back for more, and 83% of B2B content marketing takes place in the form of newsletters. In other words, email marketing works, and quality email newsletters are still impactful today.

A Houston Digital Marketing Strategy With Email Newsletters Can Strengthen Your Brand

Good digital marketing is all about strengthening your brand and communicating its strengths to your current and new customers, and there are numerous ways to leverage your newsletter to do just that.

How To Use Email Newsletters

Some of our favorite newsletter tactics to level up your business include:

Sharing Blog Posts

If you’ve read our previous blog on how to create a stellar Houston SEO strategy, then you might recall us advising you to create more links to your website and its various pages. Newsletters are another way to build these links because you can write a short snippet and create a CTA that links back to the blog you’ve shared in your newsletter.

Promoting Events

If your business likes to host events, your newsletter is the perfect way to spread the word. A well-crafted event e-blast can help you build your email list and, as a result, bring a larger crowd to your events.

Announcing Business Updates

Email newsletters are hyper-targeted, making them a useful vehicle for letting your customers know about what’s going on with your business. You could announce new hires, success stories, milestones, and more! This can cultivate your community and boost customer loyalty, too.

INFINI Marketing Can Help You Execute A Successful Email Newsletter Strategy

Now that you know that email newsletters can be used in various ways to build on your brand and cultivate a closer relationship with your customers, are you ready to start sending your own? If so, please contact us! We would love to craft an email newsletter strategy for your business.

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Which is Best: Houston Google Ads or SEO?

If you’re trying to implement a digital marketing strategy, then you might be wondering which tactics you should focus on. Among the many different tactics your strategy may employ are Google Ads and Houston SEO. Which of the two is your best bet for expanding your business? Here’s what our Houston marketing experts recommend.

Using Google Ads to Expand Your Busines

Google Ads is well-known for quickly growing businesses in any industry, so long as they are executed correctly. Our marketing agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we have the expertise you need to get your business in front of the right audience while remaining within your budget. We are also consistently up to date on Google’s ever-changing algorithm, ensuring it works for you not against you. 

How Google Ads Work

If you choose to implement Google Ads, we will research the most competitive keywords for your campaign. Once it’s set up, your ads will appear when potential customers type in the keywords that are relevant to your ad campaign, meaning they are already searching for a product/service just like yours. We will also attach analytics to your campaign so we can gather data on its performance and track the leads your ads generate. With this data, we will be able to continuously optimize your Google Ads to effectively grow your Houston business.

Houston SEO Can Also Help Grow Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. At INFINI Marketing in Houston, we optimize your website for search engines (like Google and Bing) by utilizing competitive keywords throughout your website that potential customers type into a search query. The goal with SEO is to get your website onto page 1, and the best way to achieve this is by blogging every month. INFINI’s in-house content writers expertly research and write blogs every month that target the best keywords for your Houston business. We ensure that your website is updated with fresh and unique content on a regular basis, signaling to search engines that your website offers valuable information and should get more traffic. Over time and as a result of high-quality content on a regular basis, your website will land on page 1! 

Google Ads Versus Houston SEO: Which One is Better For Growing Your Business?

While Google Ads is quicker and requires a bit more of an investment (our Houston digital marketing experts recommend a budget of at least $1,000 per campaign type), SEO is also a great way to expand your business and is, generally, a lower-cost option. So, which one is better? In reality, both are excellent ways to grow your business. We often recommend that your Houston digital marketing strategy includes both, but if you only want to pick one, it depends on your goals. If you want to quickly generate new leads, GoogleAds may be the best option. If you would prefer to take the time to build your credibility, then Houston SEO may be right for you.

Our Houston Marketing Company is Here to Assist in Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy That Grows Your Business

A fully customized digital marketing strategy is the best way to expand your business. If you’re ready to generate brand new, qualified leads but still aren't sure whether you should opt for Houston SEO or Google Ads, then please contact us! We will be glad to go into more detail about how Google Ads and SEO can grow your business and implement a custom digital marketing strategy for you.

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How to Market Your Dental Practice

If you have a dental practice of your own, then you likely take great pride in your work as a dentist. You may even want to expand your practice by opening more locations and/or treating more new patients in a given month. If this sounds like you, then keep reading to learn how to best generate more patients.

A Custom Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Grow Your Dental Practice

Marketing is by far the best way to expand any business, including your dental practice. By working with an experienced marketing team like ours at INFINI Marketing in Houston, you will get a highly effective marketing strategy that is customized to your unique needs and goals. Here are just some of the components that an effective dental marketing strategy should have:

High-Quality Dental Website Design

The success of your dental marketing strategy greatly depends on the success of your website. Here at INFINI Marketing, we believe that a business’s website is the anchor/backbone of any marketing strategy–regardless if digital or traditional offline methods are used. This is because Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media content, and even flyers or brochures should all lead viewers back to your website where they can fill a form or give you a call. Because of this, your dental website needs to be conversion-optimized and provide a modern, seamless, and user-friendly experience for the visitor on all devices.

Houston SEO For Dentists

Local SEO along with a valuable blog both make a notable difference in terms of how many leads dentists generate. If you think about it, anytime someone completes a query on Google or a similar search engine, website homepages and blog posts make up a significant amount of results. By investing in unique, high-quality, and high-value content, you’ll climb up the rankings and reach a wider audience. Our Houston SEO experts have successfully helped multiple dental practices reach page 1 on search engines for their chosen keywords, and your practice can achieve this as well!

Google Ads For Dental Offices

Google Ads are a great way to quickly reach a wider audience full of potential leads looking to become your new patient. Our Houston digital marketing agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we are experts at creating effective ads for your dental practice that remain within your budget and yield an impressive ROI. Whether you want more website visits or phone calls, we are here to advise you and execute dental ad campaigns that will help you achieve your goals.

Our Houston Marketing Company Can Help You Grow Your Dental Practice

If you would like to expand your business as a dental practice owner, then a custom marketing strategy is the way to go. If you’re ready to invest in strategic marketing, please contact us. We will work together to understand your vision, your goals, and your needs so that we can design and implement a unique digital marketing strategy that will drive more patients to your office. 

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Houston Marketing With Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads

If you run a Houston business and are ready to take it to the next level, then you should consider amplifying your digital marketing strategy with Facebook and/or Google Ads. In this article, our Houston marketing team will discuss how both methods compare and which might be better for generating leads for your business.

Houston Digital Marketing With Facebook Ads

With over 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is the social media platform of choice for businesses that wish to advertise and grow. 

Facebook Ads are unique in that businesses can set up their Facebook Ads campaigns to target potential customers based on psychographic segmentation. 

Psychographic segmentation is based on peoples’ hobbies, beliefs, interests, and other factors that make up your target audience’s personality. This approach to advertising is known to encourage more conversions because the audience that sees your ads is all the more likely to be genuinely interested in your product or service.

Houston Digital Marketing With Google Ads

While Facebook may be an appealing platform to advertise on, not every business gets the same benefit from Facebook Ads. In many cases, your ideal customers just might not spend much time on Facebook. Not to worry–Google Ads may still be a viable option for your Houston digital marketing strategy.

While Google Ads don’t directly advertise based on interests you personally select to target, Google can advertise based on zip codes and your audience’s unique search habits. Doing so lets your Google Ads reach those who are in the “active buyer" stage. With a conversion-optimized website, you may be able to capture plenty of leads with the help of our Houston marketing agency, which is a certified Google Partner.

Google Ads Allows Your Houston Business to Retarget

Have you ever done a Google search on a product, taken the steps to purchase it, but never completed the transaction? If so, then you may have gone to another website only to see an ad for the very product you almost bought? This is known as re-targeting, and Google makes this tactic possible for advertisers in all industries.

Our Houston Marketing Agency Can Manage Your Ads Campaigns to Ensure You Generate Leads

.If you’re considering digital advertising as a way to quickly generate leads, please contact us. Our Houston digital marketing company will help design and implement the best digital advertising strategy for you, manage it to ensure it brings you leads, and work to continuously optimize it for the best results–all within your chosen budget. Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s work together to expand your business!

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Tips For Effective Google Ads For Your Houston Business

In today’s Houston digital marketing landscape, many businesses are aware of the multi-channel marketing they have to do if they are going to get in front of the eyes of their target audience. One of the most effective ways to not only get your business noticed but also generate leads is by implementing Google Ads. In this article, our Houston marketing company will offer our best tips for effective GoogleAds.

Tip #1: Target The Right Keywords

The right keywords make all the difference when it comes to getting found on Google. This is true for your Houston SEO strategy as well! It’s imperative that you have the right combination of localized keywords, competitive keywords, and long-tail keywords. What are long-tail keywords? These are phrases that people tend to type when searching for a specific business. For example, you could type ‘roof repair’ or you could type ‘Sugar Land roof leak repair company’. The longer one will often get higher-quality leads simply because they know what they are looking for, making you more relevant to them.

Tip #2: Execute Houston Web Design With Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

If you’ve kept up with our marketing blog or met with us personally, then you’ve likely heard us say that Houston web design is the anchor for your marketing strategy–both offline and online. You may have also heard us say that all roads lead to Rome, and your website is Rome. This means that your website must be presentable, especially when you start your Google Ads campaign. Whatever webpage(s) you want your Google Ads to lead to has to be optimized to turn leads into conversions by being visually appealing, informative, mobile-friendly, valuable, and offering a clear Call To Action (CTA). A conversion-optimized landing page should also be relevant. Don’t advertise a dental braces offer only for visitors to click on your ad and land on a page about dental implants. 

Tip #3: Make Your GoogleAds Budget At Least $1000

Our Houston marketing experts often get asked by our clients how much they should spend on Google Ads. We understand that spending money on GoogleAds can be intimidating at first because you don’t want your money to go to waste, but you need to spend at least $1000 in order to gather enough data about your campaign settings. With any Houston marketing tactic, it’s important to test it and evaluate it as we go so we can continuously optimize your digital marketing strategy. Less than $1000 and you’ll likely not even reach enough people to figure out if your ads are working or not.

INFINI Marketing Helps Expand Houston Businesses With Google Ads

Google Ads are a fantastic way to quickly generate leads and conversions. With the right Google Ads strategy, our Houston marketing company can help expand your business. If you’d like to start a Google Ads campaign and enjoy an impressive ROI, please contact us! We look forward to helping your business grow. 

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