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5 Tips to Expand Your Houston Business

INFINI Marketing is a Houston marketing agency that has helped numerous businesses grow through custom, brand-driven marketing strategies. If you could double or triple your business, what would that mean for your family, your team, and your team’s family members? In this article, we will provide 5 of our best tips to help your business reach new heights. 

1: Create a Solid Brand

Your brand is quite honestly the most critical component of your business and its digital marketing strategy. Your brand identity and brand messaging create the perception your intended audience has of you, and an authentic brand can buy customers for LIFE. The best part? They will gladly support you and everything your business does.

2: Get A New Houston Website Design

Second to your brand is your website design. Your website–especially your homepage–expands on your brand and establishes your company’s first impression. It should be designed with a mobile-first approach due to the fact that an overwhelming amount of online browsing takes place on smartphones and tablets. It should also convey your brand messaging to different communication styles. That’s right; everyone soaks up information and understands it differently, so your website should be designed with the intention to communicate to everyone in your intended audience that might have a different communication style.

3: Start Advertising Your Company on GoogleAds 

An organic digital marketing tactic, such as blogging for SEO, does yield results, but Google Ads can also yield good results–and often quicker. Our digital marketing specialists can manage your Google Ads campaign to ensure good quality leads are being generated. It may take some time to perfect your strategy, but we will continuously optimize your Google Ads campaign to help grow your business.

4: Purchase SEO-Friendly Domains

When you think of SEO, you likely also think of keywords. You can have more than one domain ( versus that both lead to your website. This is a good opportunity to add SEO keywords that are relevant to your company and can also help you get found on search engines. As a GoDaddy Partner, we can help you secure good pricing on your domains as well. 

5: Level Up Your Social Media 

It’s no secret that social media is becoming an increasingly important part of any digital marketing strategy. While social media is not the most effective way to get a quick sale, it’s a great way to build and cultivate a community that can simultaneously strengthen your brand. With social media management, you can unleash a social media content marketing strategy that will speak for your business. 

Ready to Expand Your Business? INFINI Marketing is Here to Help!

We are proud of the role we play in helping our clients expand their businesses. Expanding your business is a rewarding journey, but if you're ready to take your business to new heights, please contact us! We would love to learn more about your business goals and how we can help by embarking on this journey together. 

Dallas roof replacement completed by Upright Roofing

We Just Launched Upright Roofing's New Marketing Strategy!

We are elated to announce that we have officially launched Upright Roofing & Construction's brand new website! Upright Roofing & Construction is a Dallas-based roofer and general contractor committed to taking care of others through their Upright Guidance, Upright Attention to Detail, and Upright Team. 

Understanding Upright Roofing’s Goals For Their Business

Before we can craft their custom marketing strategy, we had to first understand their goals for the company. For their marketing strategy, they wanted a brand new website, social media management, SEO content, and Google Ads. However, at INFINI Marketing in Houston, we implement brand-driven marketing strategies. To help them reach their goals, we had to begin with their brand identity. 

Rebranding Upright Roofing

The roofing industry is incredibly saturated, so standing out is already challenging enough as it is. Add in the fact that most roofers offer the same services–roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection–and standing out becomes even more difficult. On the general contractor side of their business, those services are also fairly standard across the field–building outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more. How, then, could Upright Roofing stand out? Like with all of our clients, standing out begins with a complete rebrand that is authentic and emotionally oriented. This is how we create brand loyalty and buy lifelong customers.

Before meeting with us, Upright Roofing didn’t have a solid brand, but we were able to collaborate and dig deeper to create an authentic brand they and their customers can resonate with.

Modern Houston Website Design For Roofing Companies

Once we crafted Upright Roofing's brand, it was time to work on their new website design. We ensured this new website would include their brand message and a fresh, modernized look. We executed their website design with mobile-first development as well and took care to educate their visitors on all of their offerings–both roofing and construction.  This website was designed to be conversion-optimized, meaning it will improve conversion rates when people view their ads and land on the relevant pages. 

Get Your Roof Upright

Addressing roof damage is not something that should be delayed because the longer homeowners wait to take care of it, the worse the damage could become. If you are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to get a free roof inspection, please contact Upright Roofing.

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Graphic Design Can Help You Stand Out At Your Next Event

Have you ever attended trade shows or networking events and wondered how you can be memorable to potential leads? You come prepared to pitch your business and its value, but visuals can take you to the next level. Here’s how our Houston marketing company uses graphic design to propel our clients to success.

First, Some Stats On Graphic Design

You likely already know that visuals are a powerful tool. After all, they always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Just how effective are visuals though?

  • 70% of consumers form their first impressions of product-based companies just from their packaging
  • 30% of businesses report that their revenue increased when they improved their packaging
  • 57% of users say they would not recommend a company with poor website design (especially in the mobile world)
  • Blogs (articles) with imagery in them receive 94% more views than text-only articles

Popular Types of Graphics to Have at Your Next Event

Marketing collateral and other materials are a must if you plan to expand your business, which is why just about any company in any industry can benefit from custom graphic design. Our Houston marketing company’s in-house graphic designers are here to help when you’re ready to take your company to the next level.

Print Graphic Design

Print graphic design is probably the first type of graphic design you think of when preparing for your next event. Contrary to popular belief, no, it is not outdated. Some examples of marketing collateral we have custom designed and printed for various types of events include (but are not limited to):

  • Table covers
  • Retractable banners (sometimes called pull-up banners)
  • Tents
  • On-brand tri-fold brochures
  • Stylish business cards

Digital Graphic Design

The world is a digital one now. Naturally, you need to leverage this to keep up with–or even beat–the competition. Digital assets we have custom designed include (but are not limited to):

  • Digital business cards that can automatically save contact information to your smartphone
  • Vector logos
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Flyers 

Entrust INFINI Marketing With Your Graphic Design Needs

Graphic design is a vibrant and visually appealing way to increase brand awareness and generate leads at your next event. At INFINI Marketing, our Houston marketing team executes your marketing strategy with a brand-first approach. Whatever print or digital materials you would like, rest assured that we will honor your unique brand so you stand out from the crowd and also channel the value you want to be known for. If you’re ready to expand your business, we’re ready to help you! Please contact us about your next networking or trade show event and what you would like us to custom design for you. We look forward to positively impacting your business.

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Houston Website Design Best Practices

If you own a business, then you need to have a proper website. Not just any random website you can get up ASAP, but rather a nicely thought out website that serves as the anchor for your entire marketing strategy–including traditional and digital marketing methods. What does that look like? Keep reading. Here are our Houston marketing company’s best practices for a stellar web design.

Create a High-Quality Homepage That Properly Expresses the Message You Want to Convey

Your homepage is the first place your potential leads will often go to, so it must make the right impact. At our Houston marketing agency, we help craft your brand and ensure that everything we write on your website honors it.

A homepage by INFINI Marketing shares your brand’s purpose in a way that resonates with your audience because we know that resonance encourages lifelong loyalty. 

Include (And Repeat) Clear Calls To Action

Interestingly enough, your website visitors won’t know what to do unless you tell them. This means you need to have clear calls to action across your website. A Call to Action (CTA) is a clickable link or button that says  “contact us” or something similar. This CTA is simple and effective, but you may also implement a branded call to action that reflects your emotional branding message while simultaneously telling visitors what to do to become your lead.

Trackable Contact Forms

Calls to action may also lead to a form for visitors to fill. This way, they can provide vital contact information and officially become a lead. It may seem easy enough, but these forms need to be trackable so we know just how many leads your website is generating, and how many of those actually convert. 

Mobile-First Houston Web Design

These days, we tend to default to mobile browsing due to its convenience, but did you know that only roughly 30% of small businesses have a mobile-friendly website? Or that 57% of users will not recommend a business if their website lacks mobile-friendly usage? It’s critical that your website be mobile-friendly, and we can help achieve this! Our Houston marketing agency follows a mobile-first approach to Houston website design to make certain that your website is flawless on mobile and performs just as smoothly on other devices.

Your Business Deserves Stellar Houston Web Design

Now that you’re aware of some of the best practices to follow when it comes to your website design, it’s time to upgrade your website and reach a wider audience! If you’re ready to expand your business with a brand new website, then please contact us so we can discuss your business and its goals. We look forward to taking your business to the next level!

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Houston Digital Marketing FAQ

Digital marketing truly is a world of its own. Having evolved from traditional methods, digital marketing is a specialty that requires the right experts on your side. If you’re ready to expand your business but find the idea of marketing to be overwhelming, then keep reading. We will answer some of our more frequently asked questions about crafting the right digital marketing strategy.

1: How Does Digital Marketing Compare to Traditional Marketing?

While both are vastly different methods of marketing your business, they have the same root purpose: to buy lifelong customers so that you can continuously expand your business. After all, we at INFINI Marketing exist to expand your business and impact the world. 

Marketing is an investment no matter how you execute it, but digital marketing lends itself to superior results (and a far better ROI) due to the massive amounts of data we can collect with evolving technology. With this data, the right digital marketing company can use it to completely tailor your marketing strategy and optimize it to the fullest.

2: What Social Media Channel Should I Use?

The answer to this question depends on your business and your audience, but as a general rule of thumb, go where your target audience is most likely to be. You can have only 1 social media page, or a page on every platform out there–just know where your audience will most likely be. Our Houston marketing company can help make sure that the content you share is relevant, cultivates a community, and provides value. Remember, social media is not the route to take if you want a quick sale (unless you run ads). Rather, social media is a vehicle through which other humans can connect with the humans behind your business–you and your team. Social media is a tool to build relationships and brand credibility.

3: What is SEO and How Can it Grow My Business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how you get to page 1 on search engines such as Google and Bing. Now, this strategy can take a while to pick up, but it also sustains long-term growth and helps you achieve your business goals. The right Houston SEO strategy will give you the opportunity to outrank your competition. You can read more about how we improve your SEO ranking by reading this article

4: How Much Should I Spend on Google Ads For it to Work

While you can set any budget you want for your Google Ads campaigns, we recommend a budget of at least $1,000. This is far better because it gives us enough data to analyze how your campaign is performing and allows us to optimize more effectively. Your campaigns will need to be periodically updated and adjusted, but rest assured that you’re in good hands with INFINI’s status as a certified Google Partner.

INFINI Marketing, Your Houston Digital Marketing Expert

Employing a digital marketing strategy is the best way to expand your business and increase brand loyalty. After all, loyal customers become your company’s best, lifelong advocates. If you’d like to learn more about how marketing can impact your business and your community, then please contact us. We look forward to working together.

INFINI Marketing - Houston Marketing

At INFINI Marketing, the team combines our talent and expertise in Branding, Technology, and Digital Marketing in order to help you expand your business. We ensure the strategy we develop for you is holistic and scalable so that as your business expands, your strategy can, as well.


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