Graphic of links being shared between websites to symbolize link building in a Houston SEO strategy

If you’ve read our Houston digital marketing agency’s previous blog post on why you should implement an SEO strategy, then you know that SEO makes a difference in how your target audience perceives you and, with a little patience, helps expand your business tremendously. In this article, we will expand on yet another facet of Houston SEO: link building.


What Is Link Building?

Simply put, link building is a tactic in which you “build” (generate) more links to and from your website as a way to drive more traffic. This is done by building inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are those that drive traffic TO your website from outside platforms. Outbound links, on the other hand, drive traffic FROM your website to other websites and platforms out there. Both contribute to the value of link building for your Houston SEO strategy. 


Why You Should Focus On Link Building As Part Of Your Houston SEO Strategy

As stated, link building creates more links to your website. Why does this matter? When there are more links out there on the world wide web that link readers to your website, you are achieving the following:

Improving Your Houston Business Website’s SEO Rank On Google And Other Search Engines

Like all search engines, Google regularly refines its algorithm to ensure that only the best, most reputable websites rank highly. A higher ranking means a higher position in search results for questions/topics relevant to your business (aka page 1). How many inbound links point to your website is one of the many factors the algorithm considers because when other platforms link to your website, this means you are so reliable that the value you offer is worth sharing.

Increased Credibility For Your Houston Business

Speaking of sharing the value your business offers, one of the goals of Houston SEO in your digital marketing strategy is to make your business (and its brand) more credible. If there are plenty of inbound links on the web that reference your website, this suggests that consumers outside your audience acknowledge your brand serves as a credible source for information. Further, more links contribute to a higher SEO ranking, so if you're on page 1 on Google, you are automatically trusted by searchers.

Your Houston Business Has A Stronger Brand Image

Have you noticed how the benefits of Houston SEO tactics seem to overlap and come together to achieve business growth? A stronger brand image is yet another result of high-quality link building in your digital marketing strategy. The more your website is linked on other websites and platforms, the more recognizable your brand becomes. Over time, this leads to potential consumers seeing your business and its brand in a new light. Eventually, your credibility will lead to a better SEO ranking and the widespread perception that your business is worth buying from, all of which enhance your brand's image and perception.


Let Our Houston Digital Marketing Agency Improve Your SEO Rank With  Link Building

Link building is a largely effective way of boosting your search rank, your brand’s credibility, and its image. However, paying a contractor to spam the internet with links to your website is a black hat SEO technique that will be flagged. If you’re ready to (reliably) level up your Houston SEO strategy with link building, then please contact us. We would be glad to write blogs for you that are both unique and valuable while simultaneously generating more inbound traffic!