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In our previous blog, we discussed the right way to continue marketing your Houston business during COVID-19. Social distancing gives business owners an opportunity to reflect on their brand and dedicate a little more time to refining it. Because strong brands allow themselves to grow, now is a good time to create that opportunity for yours.

How Does an Upgraded Website Help Your Houston SMB Brand

A website is necessary because it helps potential customers learn more about your brand, product, and service. However, there is far more that a stellar website design can accomplish as part of your marketing strategy. 

For example, with the right colors, you will be able to evoke a certain emotional response from your target audience. With the right layout, visitors will gain a general idea of what your business stands for, but then they will also have the chance to know more details about you by exploring the other webpages on your site.

A beautiful, active website also lends itself to improving your Houston SEO ranking. It’s not enough to simply have a website on the world wide web; today, your Houston website needs to be mobile and tablet compatible so that search engines, like Google, are able to show your website to more searchers. Additionally, a well thought out website utilizes competitive and searchable keywords, and also offers a blog/news page where visitors find valuable information. Read our article on why all businesses should blog to learn more about why this is essential.

How Does INFINI Marketing Clean Up an Old Houston Website and Make it Impactful?

We Take the Time to Listen to What You NEED

It’s easy to think about all the bells and whistles that a custom website offers, but our Houston marketing strategists take the time to speak with you about your brand, your goals, and what you need in order to achieve them. We’ll also be sure to understand what your main selling points are and why you believe your target audience should choose you over the competition. And don’t worry, our Houston web designers will happily show you some extra features that are both cool and beneficial. 

We’ll Optimize Your Website For Conversions and Search Engines

Using our Houston SEO expertise, we will make sure your site is set up to rank on Google. With regular updates, such as through blogs, we can help your brand reach more searchers. While they browse your site, we will also offer a contact form so we can track your leads and help you remain in contact with them.

Entrust INFINI With Your Houston Website Design and Marketing Needs

If your SMB is in need of a clean, fresh, and updated website, then please contact our marketing strategists. Together, we can decide what website features may not be working for your brand and fix them so you get the most out of your site and expand your business.