How to Continue Marketing During COVID-19, The Right Way

In this uncertain time, family members are worried about one another, and some businesses have had to turn to online alternatives. Other businesses, however, have had to lay employees off or shut down altogether.

When it comes to the Houston businesses that are still able to operate like normal, they may be experiencing a severe slow-down. Maybe they haven’t had any new leads, or maybe customers have parted ways with them because they could no longer afford their product or service. It is because of this, though, that keeping up your marketing efforts during COVID-19 is crucial.

Why Is Marketing Necessary During COVID-19

Let’s go back to the basics. Why is marketing necessary in the first place? Marketing is how companies communicate with their current customers and potential customers. It’s how they’re able to identify and anticipate customers’ needs in order to fulfill them, and it’s the primary way for any business to generate leads.

As we enter an economic recession, let’s remember the power of small businesses. According to JP Morgan Chase, 99 percent of America's 28.7 million firms are small businesses, and according to the SBA, those small businesses are responsible for generating 44% of our economic activity. It’s up to small business owners (so long as they’re able to operate) to not only provide for their families and help employees do the same, but to also help the economy as much as possible. 

We do this by continuing our efforts to bring in business in our current circumstances. We shouldn’t be greedy by any means, but we still have to try our best to help our country get back up on its feet when the time comes. How can you bring in business if you’re no longer communicating with your target audience?

Tips For Continuing Houston SMB Marketing

With that said, here are some tips we recommend you keep in mind if your small business plans to keep up with digital marketing efforts. 

Tip 1: Use Social Distancing as an Opportunity, But Don’t Exploit or Undermine COVID-19

Social distancing means we can help you focus on improving your brand messaging, website design, and current marketing strategy. It’s easy to forget to nurture your brand when you’re hyper-focused on nurturing your customers. 

Tip 2: Continue With Digital Advertising 

As a Google Partner, our Houston marketing agency knows that Google Ads functions by demand. If no one is searching for your type of business, you won’t be charged. So continue your Google Ads, as it is an effective way of driving website traffic.

Tip 3: Be Compassionate

Above all, compassion is the only way anyone gets through adversity. Always exercise compassion and remember that, at the end of the day, businesses and customers are all human, and humans connect based on values and familiarity. We’re in this together.