Why All Houston Businesses Should Have a Blog

A blog is short for the term “weblog” and it’s typically a website on which information is shared with an audience. The content for a blog greatly depends on who writes it. For example, a personal blog may be written by someone who enjoys sharing information on his or her hobbies, so each post will be about a different pastime, or something interesting that relates to that. Nowadays, businesses often set up their blog right on their website as another page in order to provide knowledge that is easy to digest and understand, but what do they gain from this?

1. Establish Expertise In Your Industry

Competition is increasing as we speak. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with options in just about every single industry. Standing out and proving to the market that you are a worthwhile alternative to the competition is hard enough as it is, and to make things worse, your competition is trying to do the exact same thing. However, you can stand out by demonstrating your expertise on topics relating to your industry. Offer your two cents on current news and answer common questions your target audience may ask.

2. Humanize Your Brand

Blogging gives you a chance to not only offer value to your target, but to also show your personality. Although doing so in person can be easy, doing so in writing can be a bit more difficult. It will take quality writing and ideas to offer some kind of voice behind your name. This helps your human readers feel like they know you better beyond their computer screen.

3. Gain Search Engine Visibility

Search engines such as Google show results based on an index. “Bots” index every single page on the world wide web and will serve the pages that are most relevant to a search query. Where you appear in certain search results depends heavily on how reliable and trustworthy you are. Regularly updating your website signals to Google that you have new, interesting content and are worth showing up earlier in search results.

INFINI Marketing in Houston Can Help You Stand Out

If you would like to establish your industry expertise, humanize your brand, and/or improve your search engine visibility, then please contact our marketing strategists. We will write, plan, and publish content in order to help your ideal customers find you.