Is Your Marketing Budget EOY Ready?

Not trying to play Captain Obvious here, but there is about two months left in the year. This is not a calendar update. This is a marketing budget update alert. This is what everyone calls the holiday season (whether you celebrate the holidays or not). During the months of November and December, consumers increase their spending dramatically. With each passing year, the spending increases by the billions. Just take a look at the graph assembled by the National Retail Federation dating back to 2002.Before November arrives, and especially Black Friday, now is the time to prep for consumers. This means accelerating your marketing. But where does your EOY (end of year) marketing budget stand right now? As our most recent blog post iterated, business owners need to make sure they are spending their time focusing on the right things: DATE, VISION, MESSAGE. This isn’t only for businesses that are just opening. These points need to be followed throughout the year, and every year. The holiday season is definitely not an anomaly when it comes to planning marketing.


At INFINI Marketing, we will help you plan your marketing budget for the final two months of the year. End-of-year spending isn’t solely for the retail industry. This type of consumer spending also increases in the dental and medical field. This is because consumers are using their insurance coverage to pay for their medical needs. We have studied the industries to find out how various consumers spend their money, when they spend their money, and why. Knowing these three elements helps us pinpoint precisely where a client should put their marketing dollars. We encourage our clients not to just spend marketing money for the sake of spending their EOY marketing budget. Our Houston marketing firm will ensure it goes to the right areas so those marketing methods will hit their intended target audience. For your EOY budget, it’s all about the ROI. If you are uncertain of how to prepare your EOY marketing budget, then contact our Houston marketing company today.