Can a Company Change Its Logo, But Keep Its Brand?

Is it possible for a company to change its logo, but keep its brand? The simple answer is yes. But that’s just the answer. The process behind that simple answer is very complex. As a Houston marketing company, we understand and foresee the issues that come with changing a business logo. Before making major changes to the item that represents your business, you need to take a bird’s eye view on your logo and the rest of your brand management aspects. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before making major changes to your branding schemes. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

  1. How long have you had the logo?
  2. How much have you utilized the logo?
  3. Do you have enough capital to conduct a rebranding scheme?
  4. Are you rebranding or restructuring?


You may be wondering why those questions are important. We’ll explain:

  1. If you have had your logo for a short time and your business is still in its beginning phases, then the process of logo change is not substantial. Why? Because fewer eyes have seen it and there has been less time to initiate customer loyalty. If you have had your logo for an extended period of time, say at least two to three years, then the process of change should be more systematic. It should begin with the introduction of the idea of change with a deadline in place. Sudden change shouldn’t happen overnight because it may appear as a sign of instability within the business, even when that is not the case. So inform your company and then inform your customers of the coming change.
  2. How much you have utilized your current logo goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the first answer. Typically, the longer you have had your branding material and logo, the more likely you have utilized it more. This branding material includes signage, social media outlets, billboards, flyers, etc. Once the change takes place, it should happen full stop with everything that came before it. Ensure there is no confusion. In other words, don’t change the icon on your Instagram account, but not your Twitter account. If you have utilized your current logo a lot or a little, then you need to supercharge the usage of the updated version to get the point across that a change has taken place.
  3. When introducing a new logo and brand identity, then be sure to have enough marketing budget behind the push. Don’t go into it halfway. Make sure your customers know the change is here and the change is for the better. It is a time for renovation in many cases, so have a reveal party, a special, or just an innovative way to communicate the change to current customers.
  4. There is a major difference between rebranding and restructuring. Changing the color scheme and the logo and even giving your business a new website is in the realm of rebranding. You are doing the same thing with the same goal, but with a fresher focus or at least a fresher feel. Restructuring is changing not only your branding, but your entire identity, including your vision, services, and products. That takes much more time and planning to implement, as well as more of a marketing budget.


If you are planning a change to your company, whether a logo or a complete revision, then contact our Houston marketing firm today. We will give you all the necessary knowledge and assistance to make your change as seamless as possible.