Debunking Some Common Marketing Myths

At our company, we live and breathe marketing, and we are certainly passionate about it and understand its importance. Unfortunately, though, marketing is misunderstood as an extra expense that isn’t required, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; marketing is a powerful force and its many facets are responsible for expanding your business. Here are some common myths that make Houston business owners question whether they can actually benefit from marketing at all.

Myth #1: SEO is Pointless These Days

About 10 years ago, SEO was all the rage and everyone did it, but then they stopped. Today, search engines have refined their algorithms and SEO is a bit trickier, but it's even more important than ever before in your marketing strategy because of its effect on your local business’s brand. Local SEO is how your target audience finds you, but because it is a more tedious process these days, only the best of the best local businesses perform well and survive for years to come.

Myth #2: Since Your Competition Doesn’t Have an Online Presence, You Don’t Need One Either

Unfortunately, local businesses are more prone to falling victim to this way of thinking. Social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with, as it serves a greater purpose than to post a photo a week. It is also a sophisticated means of advertising through hyper-targeted ads. 

Impactful website design also serves a greater purpose than to find contact information or learn about staff members. Not only does a thoughtfully designed website help potential customers learn more about you before doing business with you, but a well-made website serves as an anchor for your brand image and your SEO strategy.

People’s lives are centered around the digital world these days, so if neither you nor your competitors are active on the Internet, neither of you will attract new customers. If you do, however, develop a strong cyber-presence, you will have a massive competitive advantage over your competition, regardless of your industry. 

Myth #3: Bad Reviews Will Inevitably Hurt Your Business

Many feel pressured by bad reviews on forums such as Yelp, and while it is a good idea to pay attention to negative reviews, there is no need to let it sink your business or your brand. Instead, responding to negative reviews is a wonderful opportunity to continue strengthening your brand and learn how you can improve. It’s also a great way to win people over and build a reputation as a trustworthy option in the market. All of this helps drive customer loyalty, further strengthening your brand.

Work With a Reliable Houston Marketing Agency

This is no myth. Working with a reliable marketing agency that has demonstrated success will only help your business. If you would like to elevate your Houston business, then please contact us. We will happily develop a custom marketing strategy that successfully expands your business.