Why Our Houston Business Marketing Launch Package Is Perfect For Startups

Have you just started your new Houston business and wish to stand out? Maybe you are in need of a website and know exactly what you want to say on it, but you’re not sure how to make it compelling and engaging. If that’s the case, we can help!

INFINI Marketing offers a Website Launch Package for only $149 a month. With this package, your Houston startup will receive a stunning website that showcases the best of your brand and serves as a vehicle for the rest of your digital marketing efforts, getting your business off the ground so you can take it to all-new heights. 

Why Should Your Houston Startup Purchase a $149/month Website?

It only takes 0.05 seconds for your website visitors to determine whether they like your site (and branding) or not. 57% of Internet users will not recommend a business if their website doesn’t look nice and function well on mobile. Our team of Houston web designers will make your website stunning right off the bat so your brand is immediately well-represented.

What Comes in a $149/month Website Launch Package?

While you will be responsible for the content you wish to put on your website, we will use this content to create:

A Vibrant Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing visitors see, so, naturally, it must be attractive and offer the big picture of your business in a manner that isn’t overwhelming. It highlights your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), which are the main reasons why a lead should become your customer instead of the competition’s.

Another important page that helps your website stand out is the About Us page. Every business has a different story, and as humans, we connect with people who have similar stories, beliefs, and interests. The About Us page is your chance to share WHO you are in greater detail so that it encourages your visitors to resonate with your brand.

Informative Products/Services Pages 

Once your customers know your story and purpose, they will want to know all about the products and services you offer. These pages will further educate your visitors about what your brand has to offer and will be a great way to make your website Houston SEO-ready.

In addition to these pages, we also prepare the following:

  • A Contact Us page with contact form 
  • Google Analytics Website Tracking
  • Call to Action on each page
  • Mobile First
  • SSL Security
  • 10 Stock images
  • HTML5 W3C compliant
  • Speed Optimization
  • Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System ready
  • Blogging system ready
  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce system ready

High-Quality Houston Website Design by INFINI Yields High-Quality Results

By boasting an impactful, mobile-friendly website, your potential customers will know exactly who you are, encouraging them to connect with you. Above all, we make absolutely certain that your new website is scalable. When your business grows, it will be easy for us to tweak the current content and make your site as robust as it needs to be in order to support your new needs and goals. If you are interested in our Website Launch Package and ready to get your business off the ground, then please contact our Houston SMB marketing team to get started.