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If you aren't that familiar with the concept of video marketing, you’ve certainly witnessed it. Video marketing takes place on all of the major social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. Today we'll discuss Youtube and Facebook.

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing is the use of videos to market your product or service by increasing user engagement on the social media channels your Houston SMB brand is active on. 

By incorporating video into your Houston digital marketing strategy, you become more active on social media, but you also drive traffic to your website. This is why beautiful Houston website design is crucial when developing a powerful marketing strategy.

Video marketing is a powerful tactic. According to HubSpot, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions. This may be due to the fact that it gives your brand a chance to show its personality, expertise, and voice. In doing so, you're opening yourself up to your audience, which encourages them to resonate with you on a deeper level that drives advocacy and loyalty, thus expanding your business and strengthening your brand.

How to Incorporate Video Into Your Houston Marketing Strategy

This is where it gets a little tricky: your videos have to be correctly tailored to each social media platform in order to work. Here’s just some insight on how to do so.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is a fantastic place to upload longer videos that provide education on certain topics. Keep in mind though, that if your audience is getting educated on YouTube, they may not go to your website as often. This is one of the reasons why a combination of platforms is essential.

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook is notorious for serving as a platform on which users can scroll during their bus or train commute, and long videos tend to be favored by the newsfeed algorithm, meaning a longer video will be shown to more users. Bonus points if your video can play without a need for audio, so consider using subtitles. 

Ready to Elevate Your Houston SMB Marketing Strategy? INFINI Marketing Can Help

With our expert Houston video marketing team, we can film and edit engaging videos based on what goals your business is trying to achieve. We also make sure the video links back to your website. This boosts your Houston SEO and helps your website do its job, which is to increase conversions. If you would like to add video to your marketing strategy, or if you believe video will enhance your Houston web design, then please contact us so we can learn more about your goals and help you achieve them.