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In today’s digital world, your Houston business’s online presence is critical to its success and impact on the community. To be more precise, your online presence matters because:

  • It contributes to your visibility in a highly competitive market,
  • It can provide you with better quality leads, and
  • It can offer you stronger brand authority.

It’s important to note that simply having a website or social media page are not enough in the world of digital marketing. Every platform you are on should be well-managed and continuously reflect your brand so it sticks with your audience. You should also take the time to engage with your audience on a regular basis and update your platforms of choice.

Boost Your Online Presence With INFINI x Birdeye

Birdeye is a powerful software that grants you access to numerous tools you can use to enhance your online presence. We are proud to announce that our Houston marketing agency is an official reseller of Birdeye for 2 of its tools: Local SEO and Reputation Management.  

What is Local SEO and How Can it Help Your Business?

Local SEO is a tactic that our Houston marketing agency highly recommends you add to your digital marketing strategy. So, what exactly is local SEO? That term actually refers to a getting your business in front of the eyes (or computer screens) of the right people–those who are already searching for your product or service.

One of the key components in Local SEO is your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). The quality of your Google Business Profile determines how your business will appear in Google Maps when a search is conducted. When you sign up for Local SEO with INFINI x Birdeye, you can leave your Google Business Profile to our digital marketing experts! We will ensure that your business is found through Google Maps, complete with reviews, extensive business information, and accurate contact information. 

What is Reputation Management and How Can Your Business Benefit From it?

95% percent of customers read reviews before deciding on making a purchase. By harnessing the power of glowing reviews, you can fortify your brand, nurture brand loyalty from your existing customer base, and influence those who are “on the fence” to take action. 

Reputation Management is another digital marketing strategy that our Houston marketing agency recommends, which simply ensures you are aware of what people are saying about your company. This lets you leverage the positive comments and address the negative ones you may or may not receive. After all, reviews are much like a digital version of word of mouth.

How to Get Birdeye For Your Business

While we are a local Houston marketing agency, we are also fully equipped to grow companies across various cities in Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. If you’re ready to grow your company’s online presence, then INFINI x Birdeye is the solution for you! Simply contact us to let us know you would like to sign up for Birdeye and we can discuss how we can begin implementing these tools into your digital marketing strategy.

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