Expanding Your Houston Business - SEO Basics and FAQ (Part 2)

If you’ve read part one of our guide on SEO for local business owners, then this blog will be valuable as you continue to gain more insight on this key component of your Houston marketing strategy. Previously, we discussed what SEO is, what organic search is, and what is considered good SEO versus bad. This time, we will focus some attention on how SEO works and how it impacts your local Houston business. 

How Do Search Engines Find My Website?

Search engines, such as Google, utilize “bots” to find new websites and new content in a process known as “crawling”.

Crawling starts out by bots “fetching” some web pages. Through those web pages, they will follow the links and land on new URL’s. This is a fantastic way to find new websites so they can start ranking them and local businesses can begin to focus on elevating their SEO strategy.

When bots crawl your website, they are reading and analyzing the code and the content to gain an understanding of what the website is all about. Through crawling, bots will learn things like:

  1. What type of website you run
  2. What industry are you in
  3. Who your audience might be
  4. What keywords you wish to rank for

How Does My SEO Strategy Impact My Houston Business? 

Once the search engine bots have crawled your website, they will “index” it. This means they will store your website in their database so that, when someone completes a search, the bots will look to their index for any and all relevant content. In a matter of seconds, search engines will offer their findings and rank them according to relevance. The higher the rank, or position, of a search result, the greater relevance it has to the user’s query.


The ultimate goal of your SEO strategy is to not only be shown on the first page of search results, but to also be the first organic result. This lets users know you are a trusted, knowledgable source, which encourages them to learn more about you and, eventually, become a loyal customer. 


How visible your business is to your prospects and leads can either make or break a brand, which is why the key to a successful SEO strategy is putting forth the time and effort to regularly put out new content. Consistently creating content and updating your website signals to search engine bots that you have new, interesting, and relevant content and are therefore a valuable resource for users. This makes your website deserving of a higher rank.

Entrust INFINI Marketing’s Experts With Your Houston SEO Strategy

Bots crawling and indexing your website is crucial to your SEO and your brand because it gives your audience the feeling that you are both trustworthy and valuable, and these two traits only strengthen your brand. Following our stellar Houston website design, we will create content utilizing competitive keywords so that you can improve your search rank. If you would like to improve how you optimize for search, please contact us. As a Certified Google Partner, we will craft an SEO strategy that ensures your efforts are scalable so that as your business grows, your marketing strategy can grow with you.