Digital Marketing

The future arrived a long time ago and it arrived in a digital form. Ignoring the Digital Age and digital marketing methods is a certain way to stifle your business’s growth, or worse, cause your business to fail.

At INFINI Marketing, our decades of combined experience working in digital marketing will set your company on the path to expansion and success. The old ways of marketing are not technically outdated; in fact, quite often the old ways of marketing can be very informative when approaching branding and marketing in the 21st century. How target audiences are spoken to, whether through text, audio, or video, are still utilized today. The message is the same, but it is the method of sending that message that has evolved.

Preparing Your Business for Digital Marketing

Utilizing digital marketing is the quickest way to increase your business reach and growth, especially if you have not been using it at all or have been using it inefficiently. Just because your business is marketing through digital mediums, such as social media, commercials, or viral videos, doesn’t mean it is marketing effectively or even reaching its intended audience. Not every business is the same; therefore, not every digital marketing plan is the same.

Our Houston-area marketing professionals will conduct a thorough overview of your business and determine precisely what is most beneficial for your company. We will ask the questions that need answers. Of all the social media platforms available, is your business utilizing the right ones? Are your marketing messages really getting through to your potential customers? Does your digital marketing match your brand, or do they conflict? Taking the time to examine why your business is or is not succeeding is simply part of our marketing strategy.

What Makes Digital Marketing Work?

As mentioned before, engaging in digital marketing doesn’t always equate economic success for your business. Implementing a marketing strategy for your company is the first step toward effectively reaching your customers, and, in turn, increasing your business traffic.

If your business has been utilizing traditional marketing mediums, such as print media, then combining traditional methods with digital marketing methods would establish a more impactful marketing campaign. Each method used should contribute to the others. In other words, no marketing piece, digital or otherwise, should go out on its own. Creating a marketing cycle with every media outlet ensures the highest return on your efforts.

Our digital marketing strategists will prepare your business for all its marketing campaigns. We will create the marketing structure that fits your specific business and products and services. Establishing a strong marketing presence in the Digital Age is key to making your business a power player within your industry, and we have the tools to help you achieve this.

LIT System

INFINI’s proprietary Lead Intelligence Tracking (LIT) System is as simple as installing it on your website. It enables business owners to identify where their leads are coming from. With this information, they can determine which of their campaigns and which facets of their overall marketing strategy has been the most successful in terms of ROI, meaning we will know what exactly drove them to your website. Our LIT System eliminates the guesswork so it is easier to make sound decisions that help to grow and scale businesses across all industries. 

Guaranteed Leads

One aspect of marketing is encouraging leads, but another is guaranteeing leads. We identify qualified leads as phone calls and/or form fills, and can guarantee leads if:

  • Your budget allows for an impression share of over 50%
  • Your website is optimized for conversions, which is indicated by a bounce rate of less than 70% in a session that lasts longer than 1 minute