[VIDEO] What I Learned About Digital Marketing and SEO Through My Internship

Over winter break I searched for marketing agencies and discovered INFINI Marketing. After seeing their website I decided to ask if I could intern with them over the summer because I had a feeling that they could teach me a lot. I was quite intimidated when I first met Dustin and Mariana a week before my internship started because I’m still in college and I have almost no experience in marketing. When we discussed my projects for the summer it seemed like a lot for someone with no experience or credibility, but it also solidified the good feeling I already had. I was to write some blog posts for clients, design and implement a social media marketing campaign, and also conduct research on the best times to post to social media. I knew this would be an enriching experience, so I was determined to do my absolute best.

Creating My First Social Media Marketing Campaign

The most rewarding part of the summer so far has to be this campaign. I was stressed and mildly insecure when planning and creating it. First off, what exactly makes a campaign? And how do I pull this off by myself? Thankfully the team was extremely helpful when I needed some guidance or tips. Mariana and Dustin helped me piece my little ideas together when I wasn’t sure how to connect them and they also helped me brainstorm. All of my anxieties about this were well worth it because they enabled me to push myself harder and truly face this new experience head-on. The campaign basically tells of my first experience in Houston marketing with INFINI. Because this is digital marketing, social media is a huge part of this realm, so I decided that the use of video marketing would be the best way to create effective posts.

An Inside Look at a Houston Marketing Agency

      The first video of the campaign is a closer look at INFINI’s culture. There are so many Houston marketing agencies and because digital marketing is so prominent now, it is easy to just think of these companies as just some names you see. I wanted to change that. I enjoy being at INFINI and I was able to showcase what it’s like beyond the front door. The second half of the video is an interview with one of their clients as a way to get his personal testimony. I loved this interview because as a part-time intern I have my own perception of INFINI and a client also has his or her own perception, but everything he said supported what I’ve felt and believed all along: INFINI Marketing is like a welcoming family that has so much to offer.

Finding Out the Truth About SEO

      The second video is all about SEO. This one was a bigger challenge because I wasn’t sure how to inform the audience about SEO and still make it as interesting as the first video. I was not very happy with my first version, but thankfully the team reminded me that a social media campaign can have different videos, as long as they all follow the same theme. In this case that theme was my story here. I revised the storyboard so that I could share my lessons learned through the use of myths and facts and match the laid-back, educational style of my previous video. SEO is often overlooked because people think it’s useless and that their companies can survive without it. Even I thought this at first, but I quickly learned that it is actually essential and, as a Google Partner, INFINI does a great job at maintaining their clients’ SEO.

What I Learned

While these are only small parts of my campaign, I have already learned a few things. I learned how to take some ideas that are floating around in my mind and make something of them without feeling like I’m doing it wrong. I also got to learn how to create low budget videos while achieving high quality, and now I embrace getting out of my comfort zone. When it comes to video marketing and social media campaigns, I’ve learned that the sky's the limit in terms of creative ways to tell a story. INFINI Marketing has taught me not to be afraid of being different and to welcome feedback without feeling like I did a bad job. This is a long learning process for me since I’ve never done anything like this before. I know that I will continue to learn a lot from them. Are you in need of help with your digital marketing? If you are, please Contact Us to get started working with INFINI Marketing.