The Utter Necessity of Color in Logo Designs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think of your favorite brand. Got it? Swell. What are the colors in its logo? Easy, huh? Now we’re going to toss some common brands out there. Take note of how you visualize their logos. Ready? Starbucks. Target. WalMart. Exxon Mobil. McDonald’s. Coca-Cola. You obviously pictured the design of the logo, like the lettering, the Arches, and the mermaid. But you also saw the coloring of those logos and letterings. Let’s do a little mental color association with those logos. Red. Blue. White. Green. Yellow. The last two were pretty distinguishable since only one brand has yellow or green in its logo. But the other colors (red, blue and white) were shared among the brands: Red (3); Blue (2); White (6). The fact is color plays a huge role in logo design. There is so much psychology that is involved in the creation of a logo and creating a color pallette to fix the design. Your industry, your target market, your company culture, and the purpose of your business, among many other things play a role in establishing your logo (and its eventual evolution). created a really insightful infographic of how exactly color plays into a brand’s identity. logo color meanings infographic flow chart Learn more about how to select your logo colors on In the words of our good friend Ron Burgundy, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.” Now it’s time to start looking into preparing your logo or revisiting your current logo for a redesign. Put your best foot forward because when your customers think of your brand, they should be able to picture it. Looking to impress your clients and customers? Contact us today and let’s put some color into your business.