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INFINI Marketing is proud to announce that we have successfully launched Maestro Property Buyers’ brand new marketing strategy! Maestro Property Buyers is a company that buys houses in any condition, as is, for cash. No closing costs or inspections are necessary. Here’s what our Houston marketing team has set up to propel Maestro Property Buyers and positively impact the community!

First Things First: Let’s Give Maestro a New Brand For Their New Website Design

If you’ve followed along with INFINI for a while now, then you know we always start with a branded website before we implement the rest of your marketing strategy. We had our first meeting with Maestro Property Buyers to craft their brand and determine their website design and structure.

For every digital marketing strategy we plan and execute, branding is the heart of it all–just like it’s the heart of your business. We spend time getting to the heart of who you are and what your company’s mission is. Believe it not, this is not always an easy feat. 

Communicating the Brand Through Modern, Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Once we nailed down Maestro’s unique brand identity, we got to work on structuring their website. Our goal is always to communicate what needs to be communicated to both types of audiences:

  • Detail-oriented viewers who enjoy reading to gain as much information as possible
  • Big-picture-oriented viewers who just need summaries of information

Modern Website Design by Our Houston Marketing Agency

Maestro’s old website was 3 years old and ready for a transformation, so once we figured out the best way to structure it, we got to designing by following a mobile-first website design approach. 

We completely re-wrote the content on their website in a way that was easy to understand, easy to find, and honored their new brand. With our web design setup, we also ensured that our client’s website was ready for SEO.

Houston Local SEO and Reputation Management

INFINI has officially become a reseller of Birdeye for Local SEO and Reputation Management–both of which are services Maestro signed up for. Reputation Management will allow them to remain aware of how their brand and company are perceived online. This ensures they can leverage the positive comments and reviews they see online.

Local SEO is a type of SEO strategy that focuses on the local market. By opting for Local SEO, we are getting Maestro Property Buyers’ website in front of highly qualified leads that are already searching for their services in their area.

Blogging For SEO: Boosting Maestro’s Search Rankings Over Time

Blogging is one of our favorite ways to boost brand authority, awareness, and visibility. When our Houston marketing agency’s content team writes blogs to boost SEO rankings, we ensure our blogs are, above all, branded. We also ensure relevant, valuable information is shared. By blogging multiple times a month for Maestro, we also signal to Google and other search engines that their website is being constantly updated, which is favorable in boosting their ranking.

Generating More Leads With Google Ads

Maestro Property Buyers really wanted to focus part of their marketing efforts into Google Ads to generate leads more quickly. Our marketing agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we are experts at managing budgets that yield results. Paired with their newly re-designed website, we are confident that their Google Ads will gain traction and attention.

Strengthening Our Online Presence Through Social Media

At INFINI Marketing, we utilize social media as a brand awareness and authority tool to share valuable advice and information. Social media is a highly collaborative effort between us and our clients. We will be working together with Maestro Property Buyers to boost their social media activity, which will tie in directly with their web design as well.

Taking Maestro Property Buyers to INFINI and Beyond!

With the exciting launch of Maestro Property Buyers’ new website and marketing strategy, we are really looking forward to seeing how their company grows. Maestro is dedicated to alleviating their customers’ financial burdens by buying their homes quickly so they can move forward with their lives. Together, we can make a wonderful impact on the community! Check out their brand new website here.